Impassioned Blues Veteran HERMAN HITSON Lets The God Sings

Standout longplayers

25 September 2022

Who: Veteran blues/rock musician born
79 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hitson has lived a wild life, learning the blues growing up and then starting in a doo-wop band, hitting the chitlin circuit with the likes of James Brown, Joe Tex, Bobby Womack, Wilson Pickett, Sam Cooke, Lee Moses;, collaborating with his close friend Jimi Hendrix, and then mourning his loss. Converting to the Nation of Islam and hanging with Mohammad Ali, getting clean from hard drugs; working as an actor in films. Getting wrongly accused of murder. Painting as well as performing and opening for the Allman Bros with Lee Moses.

He’s in a renaissance the last few years with the brand new album LET THE GODS SING
as the clear-cut result. The rousing 60s are all over it. Electrifying Hendrix-like wah-wah jams, sultry James Brown howls, lots of psychedelic Hammond organs and an overall
soul-and-heart spirit. There’s no expiration date whatsoever for impassioned blues
passion like this.

Video clip for the title track Let The Gods Sing

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