Definitely, Maybe – Do The Gallagher Brothers Make Up? GRAHAM COXON (Guitarist BLUR) Says: “Do It”

The first almost credible rumours of a reunion of Manchester‘s
infamous band OASIS (the best band in the world for 1 and half
year, according to Noel) are now coming from the longtime fighting
brothers directly. Liam said several times that Noel‘s wife opposed

A few days ago the news came in that Noel and his wife are divorcing.
So, if Liam‘s tweet (below) is credible, it’s possible Noel took inspiration
from his Oasis classic Don’t Look Back In Anger, or he needs the band’s
reunion money for a, probably, sky-high alimony.

Yesterday Liam started the fuss with this tweet.

The countless reactions, of course, were in favor
of a Liam/Noel meeting with an Oasis reunion
as the final result.

I love Blur’s guitarist Graham Coxon‘s response.

Many hate them, but millions love them. Anyway, I only saw Oasis 27 times
and It would be awesome to make it at least 35 times. Yes, if they do a reunion
tour, I’ll take a break from my daily blogging and follow them around Europe
like a fool on the hill.


You could wait for a lifetime
To spend your days in the sunshine
You might as well do the white line
Cos when it comes on top
You gotta make it happen!

It Was A Hot Summer! 10 Smoking Festival Highlights Of 2022

Band: WET LEG (Isle of Wight, UK)

Sublime pop knockout (already more than 30 million
streams on Spotify) from their self-titled debut LP.

Where: Glastonbury Festival (UK)

I saw them myself in Belgium last August, but this version
is way better than the one I witnessed. But hey, you can’t
beat a sign-along audience of 70.000.


Band: FONTAINES D.C. (Dublin, Ireland)
Song: BOYS IN THE BETTER LAND (from their debut LP)

Where: Leeds + Reading (UK)

The Irishmen invited a kid to play
guitar on this belter. FABULOUS.


Song: GUIDED BY ANGELS (and more)


Amyl is 100% genuine, far-out, and gaga! I saw her myself
(for the second time) last month in Antwerp. AMYL RULES.


Artist: LIAM GALLAGHER (Manchester, UK)
From his 3rd LP C’Mon You Know.

Liam‘s massive and biblical concert at the historic
(rock) field confirmed once more that our kid still is
the man for the masses.


Band: PRIMAL SCREAM (Scotland)

From their 1991 groundbreaking LP Screamadelica.
Well, you would have guessed it by seeing frontman
Bobby Gillespie‘s shirt.

Where: Glastonbury Festival (UK)

With a glorious gospel choir, this performance
feels like a spiritual experience.


Band: KASABIAN (Leicester, UK)
Song: FIRE (2009)
More than 140 million streams on Spotify.


Maestro Serge Pizzorno invited former
football star Peter Crouch for a little dance.


Band: BIG THIEF (Brooklyn, NY)
From this year’s double LP
Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe You.

Where/when: Glastonbury Festival (UK)

A magical ballad. Sheer beauty in motion.
Can’t get tired of hearing this starry-eyed spark.


Band: MANESKIN (Rome, Italy)

The theatrical collective that got famous
faster than a comet going bonkers in space.

Song: BEGGIN’ (2017)
More than 1 billion streams on Spotify!


Adored like Roman Gods.


Band: TURNSTILE (Baltimore, Maryland)
Song: DON’T PLAY (2021)

Where: PINKPOP FESTIVAL (The Netherlands)

Wicked hardcore ruffians like these are experts
in starting maddening moshpits. HELL YEAH!



If you never heard this giant White Stripes slam dunk you’re
not part of the millions of people who streamed it more
than 1 billion times on Spotify.

Where: Glastonbury Festival (UK)

Why didn’t you invite Meg?

LIAM GALLAGHER Teamed Up With Mental Health Charity Organisation For Affecting Video Clip For ‘TOO GOOD FOR GIVING UP’

11 October 2022

Last May rock champion LIAM GALLAGHER released
his 3rd No 1 (in the UK) album C’Mon You Know.

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day and Liam was eager to do something to help to attract attention for this day. He teamed up with men’s mental health charity Talk Club.

Liam Gallagher: “We all know someone affected by suicide which sadly seems to be at an all-time high. I’ve lost many people far too early and it’s important to talk. I’m really pleased to be able to help in any way with this song and will be partnering with Talk Club on my track ‘Too Good For Giving Up’ LG x.”

Talk Club Charity‘s co-founders Ben Akers and Gavin Thorpe: “Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50. And Liam is a hero to many of that generation. So to be collaborating with him on something that raises the awareness of Talk Club, and gets men talking and improving their mental fitness, will save lives.”

The result of the collaboration is this affecting video clip
for TOO GOOD FOR GIVING UP, a highlight from our kid’s
newest LP.


LIAM GALLAGHER – Happy 50 To The Natural Born Rock And Roll Star

21 September 2022

Our kid William John Paul Gallagher was born in Burnage, Manchester
on 21 September 1972, the son of Irish immigrants.

Happy 50 to the man of the people, raised on the streets of Manchester, playing for the people. He’s the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll star singing happy-go-lucky chants made to be sung along under the shower, in your car, and at his massive concerts. No arty farty shit, only supersonic earworms.

Liam a couple of weeks ago…

It was the original Oasis bassist Paul McGuigan (Guigsy) who asked Liam to join his band Rain in the late 80s. He became the lead singer/frontman. When his brother Noel joined in 1991 the name was changed to Oasis. Noel was the 24 Carat songwriter, but Liam was the voice, the face, the hero, the one-liner champion, and the wonderwall of the band.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume, Brussels 2018)

With Oasis he recorded 7 studio LPs. After the umpteenth fight with his brother in 2009
at a Paris festival the group split. Liam formed Beady Eye with the other Oasis members, made two longplayers, and called it a day as his heart wasn’t in it and started his victorious journey. His 3 LPs (so far) all went number one in the UK and his ecstatic concerts attract as many fans as before with Oasis.

You love or hate him. I love him, especially live (saw him 27 times
with Oasis, 2 times with Beady Eye and, so far, 4 times solo.)

Three awesome live LIAM moments




LIAM GALLAGHER: Facebook – Instagram

One of the greatest gigs I ever saw

Godlike Genius LIAM GALLAGHER And His Delirious Fans Went Champagne Supernova In Heatwave Hot Belgium

15 August 2022

The way the 2018 NME Godlike Genius was hailed out loud when he hit the stage yesterday at the Hear! Hear! Festival in Belgium was as deafening as the noise of
a supersonic jet.

The delirious cheers from about 20.000 ecstatic people packed in a red-hot-sauna tent (and thousands standing outside) were over the top. From there on everybody sang every word of every song (also of 3 new ones from his recent LP, Better Days, More Power, and Diamond In The Dark).

With a parka and a hat on? It’s 1000 degrees in here, Liam!!!

The exhilarated – from 14 to 75 years old – audience’s reception of Oasis classics (especially Morning Glory, Rock ‘n Roll Star, Cigarettes and Alcohol, Wonderwall – dedicated
to Belgian footballer Kevin De Bruyne, the hero of Liam’s favorite team Manchester City and the dumbfounding version of closer Champagne Supernova) was nothing less than staggering.

This was not a concert, it felt like it was one of Manchester City’s UEFA Champions League Finales, with tireless fans chanting non-stop (even when he performed, surprisingly, the Beady Eye song Soul Love), while having a shower with their own sweat and lots of beer.

Who is Noel?

I experienced this over-the-top sensation 30-plus times now (27 x Oasis, 4 x Liam solo) with this one as, truly, one of the most memorable. The fact that this was my first big festival since the 2 lockdown years helped of course.

I witnessed other standout performances yesterday. The ones by the good old Pixies,
the Parquet Courts, Wolf Alice, and Thurston Moore, but Liam‘s grand gathering was the
one everybody (except his diehard haters) was talking about afterward.

Our (rich) street Kid has the gift to make you feel over the moon, on cloud nine, as happy as a lark. He made everybody feel like a rock ‘n roll star last night. Live forever, Liam.

Everybody was a rock ‘n roll star last night


1. Morning Glory
2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
3. Wall of Glass
4. Better Days
5. Roll It Over
6. Slide Away
7. Soul Love
8. More Power
9. Diamond in the Dark
10. Once
11. Cigarettes & Alcohol
12. Wonderwall
13. Champagne Supernova

NME’s 2018 Godlike Genius Award Winner in action.

(all photos by Turn Up The Volume)

Waking Up… To Go To A Festival On The Hottest Day Of The Year

Works better than caffeine

14 August 2022

Today, Sunday 14 August, I’m about to leave for HEAR HEAR,
a brand new one-day festival in Hasselt, Belgium.

No real news for my beloved followers who know I’m a live/concert/gig/show/festival freak. But (there’s always a ‘but’) today will be the hottest day of the current heatwave in Belgium (and the rest of Europe). I’m crazy, right? I know, can’t help it, I was born that way.

Whatever, this is the top 3 on my watch list.