365 Days Ago!

Liam Gallagher, 8 February 2020, Brussels. The last concert I went to. 365 days without live music. Unreal. And, surprisingly, still not in therapy. This never ever happened since I was 16. Fuck you corona!!! When this awful pandemic is over I’ll go to a gig every single day instead of 2/3 per week.

I saw Liam countless times (Oasis/BeadyEye/solo) but I will remember this
singalong happening – 365 days ago – for a very long time…

Picture this…


(all pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

Bing Crosby Would Have Been Proud – LIAM G. Shares Christmas Tree Ballad ‘ALL YOU’RE DREAMING OF’

27 November 2020

LIAM GALLAGHER just shared his own Xmas carol with the world.

ALL YOU’RE DREAMING OF is a gripping ballad with starry-eyed vocals
by the ‘why me? why not’ man.

“Considering the year that we’ve all had, I hope this brings back some much
needed love and hope. ‘All You’re Dreaming Of’ is an instant classic that is
perfect for this time of year. Bing Crosby would have been proud
” says Liam.

All proceeds from the track will go to Action For Children, which provides
invaluable support for vulnerable young people over the festive period.

Gather around the Christmas tree and dream of better days to come…


Live performance on The Thames coming up…

Picture Disc – LIAM GALLAGHER Xmas Gift

26 November 2020

A special LIAM GALLAGHER Xmas gift.

What is it? A 7″ Collectors Edition called Why Me? Why Not
containing 14 white 7-inch vinyl records, spanning the complete
deluxe edition track-list of Why Me? Why Not, with 1-track per 7-inch.
Each B-side is screen printed with a different color Liam artwork.

Price: 140 pounds. Not cheap, but worth the investment
for Liam fan-antics. You can order it here.