Black Canadian Sheep JACKIE Drop New Sparky Single ‘LIFETIME IN A TOUCH’…

New sonic impulses

28 October 2019

(Photo by Ryan Faist)

Band: JACKIE (Winnipeg, Canada)

Who: “This trio is not a rock band, or a pop band, or one of those alt-indie darlings that you just know has been packaged for FROSH week. If you must put them in a box, it’s best you just call Jackie a black sheep.”

Song: LIFETIME IN A TOUCH – newest single – essentially “a song about heartbreak, but it’s told through a positive outlook. The lyrics in the verses represent the past lover that engulfed and controlled you, while the chorus reminds you that there is more to life than lovers. The
song was inspired by a few magnums of red wine, that and Tom Petty.”

Score: A red blood cells injection to wake up to in the morning and give your adrenalin’s stream a big banging boost before falling out of bed. This sparky, uplifting and elevating zinger will stimulate your positive energy so intensely that you’ll listen to it the next few mornings too. And to be honest, I never ever heard black sheep giving me an inspiring kick up the ass and pump up my body’s temperature in a way this woolen trio does. Hallelujah!

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