OUT TODAY! New Blitzkrieg LP By Kamikaze Noiseniks LIGHTNING BOLT – Here’s ‘SONIC CITADEL’…

Just released…

11 October 2019


Band: Lightning Bolt (Rhode Island, US)
Album: Sonic Citadel
Released: 11 October 2019
Sound: Expect kamikaze blasts, high-powered eruptions, hair-rising whacks,
psychotic turmoil and nasty blitzkrieg attacks. LOUD! LOUDER! LOUDEST!

Stream album here at your own risk…


LIGHTNING BOLT Goes Apeshit Again On Another New Cut From Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘HÜSKER DÖN’T’…

Brand new sonic impulses

Rhode Island noiseniks LIGHTNING BOLT recently shared new crushing kamikaze blast ‘USA IS A PSYCHO‘ from their new LP, entitled SONIC CITADEL, out 11th October. Today they dropped another rip-roaring hammer called “HÜSKER DÖN’T‘. Join the band going apeshit again right here…


LIGHTNING BOLT Unleashes Kamikaze Slam Called ‘USA IS A PSYCHO’…

Brand new sonic impulses

18 September 2019

Rhode Island noiseniks LIGHTNING BOLT just shared a new crushing hammer from
their new LP called SONIC CITADEL, out 11th October. The new kamikaze blast ‘USA IS
‘ speaks for itself. The by now Divided States Of America are about to explode as their narcissist president made sexism, racism and violence normal and tolerant again so that a clueless majority of the American people buy even more guns than before to defend themselves against an unknown enemy promoted by the White House sponsored NRA so those immoral bunch of legalized criminals can keep on selling tons of weapons. Wow! Make America deathly again!

Catch the blitzkrieg eruption down here…