Time To Act… PUSSY RIOT!

25 February 2022

Как в красной тюрьме

Gruel-Propaganda, Gruel-Propagandaaaa!

The country has hardly mastered
Mechanized labor
More and more often when I’m working hard
I am rude, don’t know if it’s appropriate.

Local activists flow down the pipeline,
Filling it with life and calling for destruction!

The country has hardly mastered
Mechanized labor.

Federal Penitentiary Service, Interior Ministry,
Emergency Situations Ministry, and Rosnano,
LUKoil, TNK, Rosneft, and Gazprom,

Gruel-Propaganda, Gruel-Propagandaaaa!

Get registration,
Evildoers at the oil towers,
Oil on the tables,
Sechin with crocodiles,
Like in a red prison.

Bathe the worker in the Norwegian fjord,
Cut off your penis like the Depardieu character,
You have a president like Iran’s ayatollah,20
And your church is like it is in the U.A.E.

Evil fucking sexist, leave the hole alone!32
Homophobic vermin, out from history!
Gruel-Propaganda, Gruel-Propagandaaaa!

Don’t fuck with her pussycat,
She spends oil on something else.
In the Mordovian days’ quiet,
She makes salads and sometimes eats them.

Gruel-Propaganda, Gruel-Propagandaaaa!

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