RUSH – Deluxe Anniversary Reissue For 40th Birthday Of ‘MOVING PICTURES’ Album

8 June 2022

Band: RUSH
Inconic prog-rockers from Toronto, Canada
Active: 1968-2018 / 19 studio LPs

Anniversary Reissue: MOVING PICTURES

It was their eighth LP and was released in February 1981. A reissue in honor of its
40th anniversary in a sumptuous multidisc/multi-LP set—mastered concision is out
now. Order info here.

Pitchfork : “In 1981, Rush fully transformed from a prog-rock trio to a mainstay of
classic rock. A 40th-anniversary reissue of Moving Pictures captures the band at their
absolute peak… Thanks to its tautness, conceptual integrity, and the fortuitous manner
in which their career ambitions and radio programmer taste intersected, Moving Pictures functioned as much a harbinger of a new artistic era as David Bowie’s Young Americans.
It peaked at No. 3 in America, their best chart position to date; the RIAA would certify it
five-times platinum.”
Full review here. Score: 9/10.

Singles/clips: Limelight / Tom Sawyer



Full reisssue streaming on Spotify

Original cover artwork 1981

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