Boston’s Outfit GIRL WITH A HAWK Share Video Clip For Their New Emotive Single ‘SAME STARS’

24 February 2023

(Photo by Kelly Davidson).

Songstress Linda Viens and some of Boston‘s rock legends operating together under
the moniker GIRL WITH A HAWK released their new piece SAME STARS a couple of weeks ago. An emotive story about Viens brother’s incarceration and the toll the situation took
on the family.

Viens:There are times, lucky times, when songs come through the ether to the writer fully formed. ‘Same Stars’ is one of those songs. In the middle of the night as I tossed and turned, feeling my brother’s body and mind and spirit simultaneously tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable in a jail cot, in a metal cell, where the lights never went dark, and the cries and complaints of men could be heard all night long, I got up and picked up the guitar and the song emerged. Songs that come like this are not difficult, they are a gift, a release, and a relief.”

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “‘Same Stars’ is a heart-and-soul touching story, a longing ballad, bittersweet siblings love-inspired reverie with Linda Viens‘s moving voice sending
shivers down your spine. Stirring.”

The band have a brand new video out now for the sensitive song with alternating shots
of the band performing the tune and Viens wandering around in slo-mo, like in a feverish dream, reflecting on her family, especially her troubled brother and his two children.


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