Swirling Riff-Rock Duo LONELY LITTLE KITSCH Don’t Like The Poseurs Of ‘THE NEW SCENE’

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3 November 2022

Who: Two-piece alt-rock band from Niagara, Canada. Kristen Goetz and Nolan Jodes
spent a lot of time playing around in their music room, creating songs together during
the pandemic. What started as a way to pass the time, soon became a more serious project as fully formed songs took shape. The ease of making music together was hard to ignore, and it evolved into an alternative rock project without boundaries or expectations.

Debut single: THE NEW SCENE

“An ode to fake people who like to “trend-jump” and try to appeal to new groups of people,
over and over. To dig a bit deeper, it’s about the inauthenticity of social media content and
the effortlessness of pretending to be someone you’re not. The video is the opposite of the
song – it’s just us being us, goofing off, not taking ourselves seriously at all.”

Turn Up The Volume: Fasten your seatbelts for a meet and greet with the new scene,
and kick their buts. Just like this new hot tandem do on this swirling steamroller.

Rock ‘n roll to the bone with riff-nasty and drum/bass aggressiveness, a rapid-fire rush, and a clear-cut chorus with Kristen Goetz‘s glowing vocality. No rest for the wicked poseurs of the new scene. Time to pump your fists in the air, folks.

The chorus says it all…

And it’s hard to tune you out
When you start talkin, runnin off your mouth
You keep talking, audience of one
But I won’t listen til you’ve been undone
Yeah yeah

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