English Glam Rockers MUD Topped The UK Charts This Day In 1974 (Many Hated The Tearjerker)

Great 7″ singles from the past

21 December 2022

Flamboyant rockers MUD were one of those hit bands during the 70s glam and
glitter years. They scored a series of number ones. One of them was a cheesy,
sugary Christmas carol named LONELY THIS CHRISTMAS, written by the hottest
songwriters at the time – Nicky Chin and Mike Chapman (The Sweet, Suzi Quatro,
). The single went to the top of the UK Charts this day in 1974.

For all the lonely people at Xmas…

MUD: Bio – Discography

Amplified Power Pop – NAIPIA Encourages With Brand New Single ‘LONELY’

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


22 May 2020


Who: “Hailing from Brighton and Hove in the UK, NAIPIA combine Indie and Pop genres that leaves audiences with addictive hooks and melodies etched into their minds. They create songs about misspent youth, the growth of the soul, and hard lessons learned. NAIPIA take you to a place of self-reflection whilst shining a light on the beauty of what’s to come. The message: It’s
ok to not be ok.”

Single: LONELY

Score: This is an amplified power-pop earworm that swings forth and back with an uplifting sway. The captivating vivacity of this sticky tune reflects the song’s stimulating sentiment of hope, the fall and stand up encouragement, and the belief in better times despite Big Brother’s uninterrupted control over society. The great vocals/harmonies, the uplifting melodiousness, the titillating drive and the cutting chorus, all radiate liveliness. A fitting sonic thrill in these lockdown times of doubt, insecurity and social isolation

And you’re right to question your health
In a world that’s driven by wealth
Coz it’s a state of mind alright
Take each step
A step at a time
Because we’re force fed
Told what we should do

Tune in here…

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