Simply The Best! Turn Up The Volume’s 15 KNOCKOUT TRACKS For October 2020

This past month’s best…

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I love the smell of rock ‘n’ roll in the morning!

Turn Up The Volume‘s 15 Knockout Tracks for October!
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‘Rock ‘N Roll Refugee’ by PIG (London)
A dark glam wave banger with a titanic chorus to wake up the neighborhood. A glitter haymaker fueled by layers of intimidating guitars and Pig’s voice resonating like Sisters Of Mercy‘s figurehead Andrew Eldritch. From his new album ‘Pain Is God‘ out 20th November.

‘Intercontinental Radio Waves’ by TRAAMS (UK)
Back after 5 years with a trademark Traams jam. Rattling drums, propulsive bass, turbulent guitars, and an overall infectious groove. Hallelujah! New LP coming soon.

‘Maggot Line’ by THE BATTERY FARM (Manchester)
Scorching guitars, a merciless drum beat, and red-hot fulminating spits and sneers.
Like the 1-2-3-4 Ramones‘ blitzkrieg craziness, but nastier and with twice as many
decibels. “We’re all gonna die, it’s all our fault!” An alarming 2020 warning! Lobotomy!

‘Shot In The Dark’ by AC/DC (Australia)
A new riff loaded sucker-punch by the veteran Aussie rockers. Old school boy Angus revealed: “The title is a little bit cheeky because we all like a little nip of alcohol in the night
or a few shots in the dark.”

‘Hesitating Nation’ by CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH (USA)
About the ugly signs of these times, and sonically a hauntingly guitar-driven
ripsnorter with Ounsworth‘s otherworldly voice all over it. Spectacular return!

‘Shine’ by N.O.A.H (Ireland)
Move over Bono! These Irish indie rockers have that powerful grandeur, that euphonic richness, and that monumental magnitude of U2’s stadium rock sound. This is a 24-Carat gold debut. Bingo!

‘Normal People’ by THE NEW POLLUTION (Worchester, New York)
Funky punky injections with clashing guitars, manic bass lines, organ-ic electronics
and critical vocals. An edged tune for basement parties and illegal ramshackle discos.
Dance till you drop is the key message as Armageddon is just around the corner. From their excellent Shakedown EP.

‘Bombshells’ by SANDCASTLE JESUS (Essex, England)
From the very tingling intro chords, you instantly feel that a stupendous tune is coming your way. Oh yeah, game on, definitely. And what actually follows is an alive and kicking guitar pop hit that puts a big smile on your glowing face, activates your adrenalin’s production, triggers your body movements, and makes you just feel ecstatic.

‘Revolution Son’ by SHIVA AND THE HAZARDS (Melbourne, Aus)
The swagger, the vibe, the beat, the Noel Gallagher guitar solo, it’s what made the 90s so exciting and vivacious. Supersonic sing-along anthems made of stone and bittersweet epic symphonies. It was cool to be a rock ‘n’ roll star & now again. D’ You Know What I Mean?

‘On And On’ by LOOSE FANG (Vancouver, Canada)
I’m sure you’ll agree that screwed-up times were and still are a fertile resource of inspiration for dazzling rock crackers. Just like this roaring roller going forth and
back with a flaming on and on chorus speeding up your pulse instantly. Get up
and make the right moves for a better get-together future, folks.

‘Nowhere Near An Ocean’ by SUNSTACK JONES (UK)
Imagine you’re in the Californian desert watching a non-stop 24-hour retro psych festival, dreaming on cloud nine. This what this sunset reverie does to you. We can all use such moments in these strange mouth mask times. From their notable new LP Golden Repair.

‘Today’ by REGENT (UK)
‘Today’ is a solid gold staggering ballad made to be played in huge arenas with the crowd waving with candles all the way. The passionate blues at play here reminded me instantly of Led Zeppelin‘s timeless timeless score ‘Stairway To Heaven‘. Electrifying emotions going forth and back, going quiet and loud, going from intense to breathtaking and back.

‘It’s Never Easy’ by CLASSIC WATER (The Netherlands)
This is a captivating, meditative gem, centered around a rollin’ guitar riff and sparkling piano touches. The song moves and grooves all the way until the gospel-like handclap finale. Tom Gerritsen‘s Americana voice has that glowing timbre that made Ryan Adams
and the late great Gram Parsons so emotionally special. Lovely!

A slowdown trip-hop trip with a relaxing repercussion on your worried 2020 thoughts, an ambient soundscape for the midnight hours. British 90s dance act Leftfield came instantly to my mind, especially that tipsy track on their debut LP called Original with the sensual ex-Curve singer Toni Halliday. Another far-out trip!

‘Happy House’ by COMMON FLAWS (Italy)
With an ongoing deep bass beat Common Flaws gives the already vibrant rhythm of Siouxsie and The Banshees‘ 1980 jam ‘Happy House‘ a 90s techno resonance. The sampled, female vocals come from the 1999 romantic comedy Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Eye-catching video clip this way…

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See/hear you next month, music junkies…

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16 October / 18 October 2020

Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

‘What Are We Standing For’ by BAD RELIGION (Los Angeles)
“In this time of tribal nationalism, dissent, as a form of political speech, is vital to democracy.” The American veteran punks support athletes who take a knee to protest racism and police brutality with this rattling rocket, speeding like a hot rod on the run.

‘White Lies’ by WAR ON WOMEN (Baltimore, US)
A buzz and fuzz crossover crackerjack propelled by stormy guitars, slashing drums, and Shawna Potter spitting and sneering in the face of vicious racists. “We politely request you
get your boots off our necks.”
New album Wonderful Hell out 30 October.

‘Diskotek’ by AXLS (Newcastle Upon Tyne)
After their Saturday Night Fever debut concept album First Contact this vibrant trio
returns with a hip-shaking dance stomper that triggers your limbs on the spot. Turn
your living room into a discotheque and pretend like it’s 1999 all over again.

‘Summer’s Gone’ by BEECH (Belgium)
Imagine Scottish daydreamers Teenage Fanclub fronted by J Mascis. Yes, slacker vibes and melancholic sentiments, longing for better sunlit days. Close your eyes and join the moony trip while musing about a corona-free world. The nostalgic video clip will help you.

‘Take Over’ by FIRST FRONTIER (South-London)
We can all use a sonic boost in these surreal times. Take Over does the job damn well. A new-wavish, uplifting and don’t worry, be happy humdinger “about protecting your mental health by silencing the channels through which we receive negativity on the reg!” Fun video!

See/hear you next week music junkies…

Crank-It-Up Thrills – Here’s Brand New Single ‘ON AND ON’ By Vancouver Rockers LOOSE FANG

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 October 2020


Who: Vancouver quartet who like it loud and are
not shy about the pop taste they just can’t shake.

What: A Loose Fang? It’s chill, but it’s got teeth.

Pick: ON AND ON – new single with key message: ‘while people can be fallible,
we don’t have to repeat the mistakes of the past if we stick to our beliefs. If we’re
too laissez faire, that just might happen.”

Video: The song’s clip was edited from full colour home videos of a family holidaying
in San Diego, filmed in the 1940s. It plays up a kind of Wonder Years-esque juxtaposition of image and music that seems nostalgic in a very warm way, while being at odds with all hell breaking loose overseas during that period.

Score: I’m sure you’ll agree that screwed-up times were and still are a fertile resource of inspiration for dazzling rock rippers. Just like this roaring roller going forth and back with a flaming ‘on and on’ chorus speeding up your pulse instantly. This messed-up world needs a change desperately and Loose Fang is determined to help a sonic hand with some crank-it-up thrills. Get up and make the right moves for a better get-together future, folks.

Right here…

LOOSE FANG: Facebook 

(photo on top: press promo via Loose Fang)