Baltimore’s Inflammable Trio PINKSHIFT Is Loud And Clear… ‘GET OUT’

New striking strokes

26 Augustus 2022

Who: Inflammable post-punk-pop
trio out of Baltimore

New single: GET OUT

The third one from forthcoming debut LP Love Me Forever,
following hammer blows i’m not crying you’re crying
and nothing in my head.

Ashrita Kumar (front Amazon): ““GET OUT” is an anthem to be utilized to
take space where it’s not inherently given to us. It’s a blatant attack against
the white supremacist and patriarchal colonizers of our bodies, homes, and
ways of life, and it’s an expression of pure and unapologetic rage that stands
in defense of our autonomy.”

“Get out of my face! I don’t want you here, that’s what I said!”.

The message is very loud and crystal clear in sound and vision. This metallic
cannonball detonates from the kick-off to the fiery finale in just 138 seconds.
Yes, the average length of a 1-3-4 Ramones firecracker. Don’t even try to mess
with peppery punkette Ashrita Kumar, she’ll scream your ears off if you do.

Warn your neighbors before you press play.

PINKSHIFT: Facebook – Instagram

Debut album LOVE ME FOREVER lands on 21 October – pre-order info here

Baltimore’s Punk Tornado PINKSHIFT Are Not Crying On New Jagged Juggernaut

New striking strokes

19 July 2022

(Photo courtesy: Leigh Ann Rodgers)

Who: Rowdy punk tornado trio from Baltimore

Second shared piece, following lead single nothing (in my head)
from their upcoming debut album Love Me Forever.

Ashrita Kumar (vocalist): ““crying” is the one song on the record that I didn’t start with a particular direction, just raw and unfiltered emotion. As the first song on Love Me Forever, it kicks the record off with a panicked denial, an immediately attacking response to the question of “are you okay?” untrusting and doubtful of the intent and sincerity of that question.”

Turn Up The Volume: Warn your neighbors before this jagged juggernaut starts blasting out of your speakers. Why? When you combine the larger-than-life wall-of-Aussie-sound of Wolfmother and the clear-cut razzmatazz spits and sneers of Amy Taylor, the punktastic motormouth of Amyl And The Sniffers, you’ll realize that the (il)legal amount of decibels will go through the roof. And that’s what exactly happens right here. Tons of vigorous vitality available here.

Stop crying and press play…

PINKSHIFT: Facebook – Instagram

All info and pre-order facilities HERE