And Action…. RADIO FREE UNIVERSE Move With Soul-Stirring Single ‘CIRCLE’

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24 June 2021

[Danielle Donville, Ballad Creative]

Who: A Canadian rock squad embodying a
genre-inclusive approach. and emitting an
inimitable and irresistible frequency tuned in
to rock, alternative, funk, and pop all at once.

Single: CIRCLE – fourth single from the group’s
excellent and critically acclaimed 2020 album LOVE.

George Panagopoulos (vocalist/guitarist) about the song: “For me this song
was written about my life with my family. Something I’ve been incredibly grateful
to have through this long and seemingly endless place this pandemic has left many
of us in. We are closer now than ever before… In particular ‘Circle’ pays homage to my
wedding which took place in a circle of flowers on a beach in Cuba, and represents a strengthened commitment to my marriage and family.”

Circle is an amplified and vigorous, love-injected ballad. You can feel the singer’s
exultation of reinforcing the bonds with his partner and his family again, during this
once-in-a-lifetime global health crisis which locked us all down for about 15 months
now. His energetic and impassioned voice makes me think of the heartfelt vox of the
late great Chris Cornell and the arresting vocal sonority of Kelly Jones of Welsh (UK)
rockers Stereophonics. The overall effect on my ears, heart and soul causes
sentiments of a retrieved joie de vivre. Touchdown!

And the video clip is pretty wonderful too, as it features the children of
the band and visual director Max McNeil Smith. The cute and cool kids
will move your heart, and stir your soul, no doubt about that.

And action

Now you’re here, stream/buy
the stellar LOVE album…


(press photo via website RFU)

PINK ROOM Hits You In The Teeth Twice With Two Brand New Knockouts – ‘LOVE’ And ‘FITNESS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 May 2018

Legendary Seattle label Sub Pop, the home of many badass noisemakers should give
this tumultuous Belgian trio PINK ROOM a record deal. This ear-piercing three-piece
has enough noisy ingredients to match the label’s high volume demands. First of all
there’s frontman, bassist and diabolic loudmouth Bart Coquyt‘s voice producing the deafening sound of a supersonic starfighter on its way to crash. BLOODY HELL YEAH!

This frenzied guy’s vox freaks me out. Devilish, destructive and merciless. Compared to
this madman’s decibels level Kurt Cobain sounded like a smooth folk singer. I really can’t understand how Coquyt is able to hit the right chords on his thunderous bass as I assume his own hearing must be in critical condition after screaming himself into a coma. Anyhow to raise the racket to an even nastier degree he’s assisted by a blustering guitarist and a fresh new battering drummer. Check your speakers, folks! Here comes the mean mayhem machine with two new, hot-blooded headbutts. The nice words LOVE and FITNESS will never have the same meaning again after experiencing these earth-shaking eruptions…



PINK ROOM: Facebook

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up the Volume!)

10 Classic Albums Turning 50 in… 2017

Looking back in time… memorable moments in sonic history!


Here are ten blockbusters from one of the most important years in popular music, 1967, as some groundbreaking, legendary artists released their astonishing debut albums (The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground,  Jimi Hendrix, and Leonard Cohen) & other giants continued to produce flabbergasted LPs. It sounds incredible, but yes, these masterpieces turn 50 in 2017

1/ ‘The Doors’ by THE DOORS
Released: 4 January 1967 – debut LP

2/’The Velvet Underground & Nico’ by THE VELVET UNDERGROUND
Released: 12 March 1967 – debut album

3/’Are You Experienced’ by THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE
Released: 12 May 1967 – debut LP

4/’Absolutely Free’ by MOTHERS OF INVENTION
Released: 26 May 1967 – second LP

5/ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ by THE BEATLES
Released: 1 June 1967 – 8th album

6/’The Piper At the Gates Of Dawn’ by PINK FLOYD
Released: 5 August 1967 – debut LP

7/’Forever Changes’ by LOVE
Released: November 1967 – 3rd album

8/’Their Satanic Majesties Request’ by THE ROLLING STONES 
Released: 8 December 1967 – sixth (British) album

9/ ‘The Who Sell Out’ by THE WHO
Released: 15 December 1967 – 3rd LP

10/ ‘Songs Of Leonard Cohen‘ by LEONARD COHEN
Released: 27 December 1967 – debut album