Filthy Birthday Party Groove – London’s NOTHINGHEADS Psyched Up On New Single ‘DOOM TOURIST’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

27 July 2021

(striking artwork!)

Who: Scuzzy London 4 piece

New single: DOOM TOURIST
An ode for future mudlarkers. From the group’s
new EP ‘Machine in the Monkey, out in September.

Turn Up The Volume: Wham-bloody-bam drum intro, scorching guitars,
filthy groove, psych-o-tic vocals, all in just 50 seconds. Spooky stuff, right?
Sounds like Nick Cave and his freakish gang The Birthday Party are back
with a filthy slo-mo blues-injected blast. If you like creepy post-punk doom
and gloom from a smelly basement you’ll love this to death. Scary right?
You betcha.

Release the bats…


Back to your basement, guys…

(photo: from the band’s FB)