Waking Up… Shaking Your Booty Along With African Bop Queen AIZA To Her Summer Earworm ‘MAJIMBO’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

26 May 2023

AZIA is a Certified Afro-Bop Queen. A tremendously charismatic and heartening singer-songwriter-actor-producer based in Toronto, Canada.

Her brand-new single, titled MAJIMBO is a tribute to another East African Queen, the Kenyan internet superstar Elsa Majimbo. A bold and hilarious fashionista who has taken the world by storm being her unapologetically confident self.

TUTV: Majimbo is a 24-Karat Gold summer hit that tastes like an effervescent cocktail.
It’s such an energetic, such a joyous, such a sunlit-hot tune. It’s what you need to get up in the morning, to get through the day and to rock you, on repeat, to sleep at night. So much better than any upper and cheaper than a shrink. Shake your booty in the kitchen, in your garden, in your street, in your car, wherever you want and definitely all summer long on the beach. Majimbo is natural ecstasy that will trigger the best in all of us as I experienced myself for several times in a row now. Let’s all unite and join the party.

Press play.
Dance. Enjoy.

The video features Aiza‘s sister Kamana and a slew of talented Ghanaian dancers including Eddie Love, Richael “Energy Goddess” Achempim and TikTok star Lisa Quama. It was shot last January in Ghana.

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