One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer Into A Holiday – Today: In The Name Of MANESKIN

Italian glam metal rockers Måneskin are show beasts. They know what their fans
want, so they give their fans what they want. Like two weeks ago when they played
at Rock Werchter in Belgium.

One of the red-hot highlights was In Nome Del Padre (‘In The Name Of The Father’).
The in their native language sung belter from their 2021 LP Teatro D’Ira

Lots of Slash riffs
Lots of screamin” and shoutin’
Lots of fun…

Måneskin: Instagram

Waking Up With… An Italian Supermodel

Works faster than caffeine

8 June 2022

Are you a European Song Contest fan? If so, you surely know last year’s Italian winners Måneskin (that’s what my daughter told me). Their victory is paying off. More than
6 million followers on Instagram, and counting

With their newest classic stompin’ rock single Supermodel (more than 29 million streams on Spotify so far) they want to crack the USA. First step to do so is… getting on the telly over there. And this happened a few weeks ago, with the Tonight Show‘s host Jimmy Fallon joining the band on bass.

Big fun

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