Toronto Rockers THE FAME Will Boost Your Adrenalin’s Stream With The Boiling Title Track ‘MAYBE, TOMORROW’ From Their New EP…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

21 November 2019


Who: “An indie-rock band based in Toronto, Canada. Born from online ads and unlikely situations, their sound proudly echoes some of the greatest rock bands from the 1990’s,
and early 2000’s.”

Pick: MAYBE, TOMORROW – title track from their new EP

Score: From the infectiously awesome opening riff discharge this kick-ass stunner goes full
steam ahead. What you get served here is 24 karat rock ‘n’ roll dynamite that boosts your adrenalin’s flow and makes you want throw your parents brand new widescreen TV out of the window. Buzzing excitement! Inflammable ruckus! Stormy hurly-burly!

Catch the fire right here…

Now we’re all heated up let’s continue the crazed
fun. Here’s the band’s new 5-track EP in full…

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