Electro Post-Punk Eccentrics CHUM Strike With Debut Album ‘METAPHYSICAL’

Standout longplayers

12 April 2023

Band: CHUM
Who: 5 DIY psych/noise
rockers from London.

“Part crystal healing ceremony, part self-help seminar, part
just-taken-thebrown-acid; we’re never quite sure of where
we might end up.”

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TUTV: Chum play around with post-prog-synth-rock (Casual Body / Social Animal),
they blow your mind with pounding bangers (Beefcake Doctrine / Nu Age / Gold Star)
and schizo strokes (Music Providence / Humanities) and they finish with a sonically deformed and bizzaro helter-skelter called Annul.

Want references? The unpredictable kookiness of The Residents, the psychedelic
post-punk turbulence of Killing Joke, and yes, the symphonic bombast of Emerson
Lake & Palmer
all mixed up and cranked up in a far-out 8-track debut album with
weird stories.

Video/clip for TUTV’s favourite track,
the stunning sledgehammer Beefcake Doctrine.

Buy/stream album here.

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.

CHUM: Facebook

Artwork/photos by Suzi Corker

Electro-Psycho Eccentrics CHUM Release Their Debut ‘METAPHYSICAL’ In April – Hear Stunning Single ‘BEEFCAKE DOCTRINE’

22 February 2023

(photo by Suzi Corker)

Band: CHUM
Who: A 4-piece enigma from London. They have already gained an underground reputation for bringing a live show which floats somewhere between séance, pantomime and bad trip. They have a passion for humour, theatrics and the ethereal all the while set to a backdrop of crushing bass heavy sonics, maniacal kraut-tinged drumming and toe-tapping pop-esque melodics, interspersed with a dry somewhat disturbed vocal delivery.

Out: 7 April via Crackedankles. Expect
a mental-groove-infused 8-track record.

It came a few weeks ago and the 7″ version
sold out in 45 minutes. Hallelujah!

Turn Up The Volume was heavily impressed and still is: “What a brainbreaker,
what a mindtwister. From the get-go repetitive Krautrock dynamics do your
head without asking permission first. It just happens in an eye-ear blink. Its
trance-inducing beats create a hypnotic and puzzling razzmatazz you can’t
and you won’t escape from. Touchdown!”

Press play and get impressed too.

CHUM: Facebook – Bandcamp