Music For A Careless Summer – MIDNIGHT AT 6 With ‘CHASING THE SUN’

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2 June 2020

Summer is just around the corner. Hopefully, we can leave this awful coronavirus crisis behind us by then, and enjoy normal life anew. Vivifying jingles will definitely help us to soundtrack our lust for life again.

One of those titillating ditties to activate our adrenalin’s stream reiteratively is CHASING THE SUN by Liverpool’s power-pop outfit MIDNIGTH AT 6 . The perfect tune to get up in the morning with, to go to sleep at midnight and spin several times in between. Despite it’s mixed emotions feel it’s about looking forward. The song’s sunlit gaiety, its glimmering guitar buoyancy, its mood-boosting melody, and catchy chorus make you dream again about careless summer days ahead of us.

You can whistle along, hum along or sing along…

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Liverpool Guitar Pop Outfit ‘MIDNIGHT AT 6’ Scores With Their New Single ‘DRIVING THROUGH THE NIGHT’…

New sonic impulses

14 January 2020

Liverpool’s outfit MIDNIGHT AT 6 starts 2020 with a new infectious single called ‘DRIVING THROUGH THE NIGHT’. A bouncy and flashing earworm that will get your aural attention from the effervescent start on. It’s an exultant tune, fueled by glimmering guitar lines, and with a sickly sticky chorus to sing along. Ecstatic way to begin the New Year!

Catch their drive right here…

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Invigorating Liverpool Team ‘MIDNIGHT AT 6’ Scores With New Single ‘STAY YOUNG’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

6 June 2019


Who: A band who loves playing up-beat, indie style music
with influences of the Northern U.K. Music scene


Score: It’s Britpop. It’s Liverpoolpop. It’s the imperishable The La’s. It’s a TOP tune. It’s jangly catchiness from start to finish. It’s an exalting gem that will put a giant smile on
your face. It’s sonic dope for the summer. Press the button and find out how to make
your ears glow with joy…

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