Here’s A Preview Of The Imminent Apocalypse With Producer/DJ TEXTBEAK And The Pop Group’s Maffia Boss MARK STEWART…

Clips that will impress your eyes and your ears…


2 August 2018

American, visionary producer/DJ of experimental, industrial and electronic dance music MIKE TEXTBEAK released his debut solo album ‘Sick For Songs A Season Eats‘ last June. An impressive, cinematic, science-fiction like and psych-o-tronic noise soundtrack for the unavoidable Apocalypse. It actually sounds, at times, more like 2018 instead of 2118, more like reality instead of a faraway future. Like a sort of fuck you Americana Brexit manifesto. Textbeak invited a host of like-minded musicians such as British, veteran underground artists Mark Stewart (The Pop Group/The Maffia) and Maximum Joy‘s Janine Rainforth, German darkwave outfit Bestial Mouths, and several more avant-garde friends.

One of the most notable cuts is FOREVER NOW. A demonic and intoxicating electro stomper. A pitch-dark techno groove featuring MARK STEWART, one of the last true original minds/voices of the underground scene. The accompanying clip visualizes
the song’s scary feel perfectly: Doomsday is coming! Watch its foreplay right here…

Video directed by The New Banalists (Rupert Goldsworthy & Mark Stewart)
Backing vocals by Janine Rainforth (Maximum Joy)
Produced by John Fryer (This Mortal Coil)

Stream/purchase the full album on Bandcamp