Amazing Artwork! Attention For New LIVE ALBUM By MILEY CYRUS

Amazing album cover art

Last Friday Nashville‘s sweaty rock Amazon released
her first live album called ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE.

Pitchfork isn’t impressed: “Attention gives a lot of fragments,
but Cyrus can’t pull them together convincingly. All we have are
snapshots of an artist who still can’t tell us what any of them mean.”

Artwork: I guess Cyrus was tired of having her face on
her album covers all the time so she decided to get our
attention this way…

Attention, here comes Miley…


Utterly Cool Bobby-Dazzler MILEY CYRUS Will Rock You

5 April 2021

Never mind the bollocks here’s utterly cool bobby-dazzler MILEY CYRUS

Yesterday she performed live at the Final Four 2021 NCAA Basket Tournament.

She picked two Queen killers, Don’t Stop Me Now and wham bam hammer
WE WILL ROCK. The latter impressed my ears and eyes the most. YEAH!

When she hits the stage she becomes the sexiest devil on this planet.
Hail hail rock ‘n’ roll! Hail Hail Miley!

She will rock you


(image on top: cover of Cyrus’ 2019 EP)

MILEY CYRUS And BILLY IDOL Have A Rocking White Wedding

8 February 2021

MILEY CYRUS played her first live show in a year with
her TikTok Tailgate pregame show performance in Tampa
before the Super Bowl 55.

At one point former face and voice Billy Idol of 70s punk Brits
Generation X took the stage and had a steamy White Wedding
(Idol’s massive 1982 hit) with Cyrus who overwhelmed poor Billy
with her high-powered act.

Watch and rock out

Idol’s wedding