Gone But Not Forgotten! WILLY DEVILLE (1950-2009)

13 March 2023

Who: Celebrated singer-songwriter, born William Paul Borsey Jr.
in Stamford, Connecticut on 25 August 1950. He’s best known as
frontman of his band Mink DeVillle, but he also had a succesful
solo career after that band broke-up. He passed away on 6 August
2009, only 58, due to pancreatic cancer.

With the release of debut album Cabretta in 1977 critics put him
in the ‘new wave’ category just because these were the years of, well,
new wave. He had nothing to see whatsoever with that label. He was
a rock and soul man at heart, adding Latin rhythms, blues riffs, doo-wop,
and Cajun music to his grand work

That effervescent cocktail, his high-quality songwriting talent, his
vivacious live shows (I saw a couple of them) and last but not least
his impassioned voice made him really special.

Active: 1968-2009 / 6 LPs with Mink Deville and 10 solo

DeVille told an interviewer at one point: “I have a theory.
I know that I’ll sell much more records when I’m dead. It isn’t
very pleasant, but I have to get used to this idea

Bob Dylan:DeVille stood out, his voice and presentation
ought to have gotten him in there
(Rock and Roll of Fame)
by now.”

Three top live moments.

(Sweaty version in Montreux 1982)

(Pinkpop Festival, The Netherlands 1985)

(Goosebumps – Berlin 2002)



One Festival Track A Day Turns Summer Into Holiday – WILLY And MINK DEVILLE With ‘SPANISH STROLL’ At Montreux Festival 1994

Memorable festival flashes from the past to heal this summer’s ‘no festivals’ pain…

19 August 2020

Band: Mink Deville – band of the late great Willy Deville
(Connecticut, 25 August 1950 – NYC, 6 August 2009)
Track: Spanish Stroll (1977)
Festival: Montreux, Switzerland 1994

Hey, Rosita! Donde vas con mi carro Rosita?
Tu sabes que te quiero
Pero ti me quitas todo
Ya te robasta mi television y mi radio
Y ahora quiere llevarse mi carro
No me haga asi, rosita
Ven aqui
Ehi, estese aqui al lado rosita

Sing it, Willy

MINK DEVILLE: Discography

‘Spanish Stroll’ By MINK DEVILLE (1977)…

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25 February 2020

Band: Mink DeVille
Led by the late great Willy DeVille
Single: Spanish Stroll
B-side: Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl
Released: 1977
AlbumCabretta – the band’s debut LP
Score: The single peaked at #20 in the UK

‘Hey Rosita! ¿Dónde vas con mi carro, Rosita? Tú sabes que te quiero, pero usted me quita todo’

Sweaty live version – Montreux 1982

MINK DEVILLE: Bio – Discography