MODEST MOUSE Celebrate 25th Anniversary Of 2nd Album ‘THE LONESOME CROWDED WEST’ On The Road

8 September 2022

Alt rockers MODEST MOUSE from Portland, Oregon
have two things to celebrate.

Their 30th year as a band and the 25th anniversary of their 2nd album
THE LONESOME CROWDED WEST, released on 27 November 1997.

They’re going on the road in the US to celebrate it all. The group will tour
as a four-piece, with original members Isaac Brock and Jeremiah Green
joined by Russell Higbee and Simon O’Connor.

Tickets go on sale this Friday (September 9) at 10AM local time. More info here.
MM also fabricated a limited-edition vinyl picture disc of the album that can be
pre-ordered alongside the tickets and will be available at each show.

The Lonesome Crowded West on Spotify.

MODEST MOUSE: Website – Instagram

Five Firecrackers To Stay On Track… In The Weekend

10 July 2021

5 new firecrackers to fuel your favorite 48 hours…

‘We Are Between’ by MODEST MOUSE (Portland)

The veteran indie rockers still deliver the goods. The lead single from their
new triumphant album The Golden Casket sets the tone for their 7th longplayer.
Brisk, bustling, and blissful.

Press play here…


‘Dissonance’ by VEDA RAYS (Brooklyn)

“This song speaks to the psychological stress of our times as the byproduct
of cognitive dissonance en masse, and the collective shadows it projects. Yet,
the hopeful message implied is that if we can shine a light, shadows disappear.”

Roaring rippers like this one make my day on the spot. Big tune, big drive,
big chorus, big guitars, big vocals, big intensity. Adrenalized top stroke!

And a great animated video clip…


‘Time Will Define’ by FEVER (UK)

Electrifying Britpop at its instantly sticking best. Somewhere between
(in the 21st Century), The La’s and The Bluetones. The singer’s
feverish vocals stand out. What a vox! He lifts this arresting stunner to
a remarkable level. Touchdown!

Tune in here…


‘Can’t Forget’ by NAPOLEON (Toronto, Canada)

A riff monster. A flabbergasting uppercut with all cylinders fired up, making your
head spin uncontrollably. Alert your neighbors before you put this blustery blast
on your stereo. From the band’s new wham-bam-slam EP Empty Within.

Clear your room and start a one-man moshpit…


‘Look What You’ve Done’ by KEEGAN CHAMBERS (Toronto, Canada)

This is classic rock explosiveness. Eddie Van Halen guitars, a towering chorus,
and what a tremendous voice overwhelming your ears. High-powered, immensely energetic, and totally titanic. Makes your hair in the back of your neck stand up.

From Chambers‘ varied Out Of My Head EP.

Turn up the heat here…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…


25 June 2021

Band: MODEST MOUSE (Issaquah, Washington,
Former The Smiths guitar hero Johnny Marr was
a band member for 6 years (2003 – 2009)
Active: Since 1992 / 6 albums so far

New album: THE GOLDEN CASKET – 7th LP
Out: 25 June via Epic

Isaac Brock (songwriter) about the new LP: . “I found optimism where it actually existed because I needed it; my friends and family actually needed it. Y’know, I got three kids… I don’t think shit’s gonna get easier for everyone. Just the math alone… There’s seven billion-ish of us and things get easier for people if there’s a lot less of us, but that’s a fuckin’ nightmare. How do you get there? That’s not a good scene. Or they get a lot fuckin’ harder because there’s so fuckin’ many of us.”

NME says: “The Pacific Northwesters have turned in a psychedelic pop masterwork that picks up the positivity they first explored with 2004 mega-smash ‘Float On’… The album is a masterful psychedelic patchwork, bouncing between eerie soundscapes (opener ‘Fuck Your Acid Trip’), knotty post-punk (‘Walking And Running’) and maximalist pop melody (the ludicrously good fun ‘The Sun Hasn’t left’). Sometimes they combine all three elements on the same song, as on turbo-charged indie anthem ‘We Are Between’, the album’s massive lead single.
Full review here. Score: 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Probably the best work ever by the Portland veterans.
Big tunes, big melodies, big score!

Key-single: We Are Between

Full album…


Full interview with NME OK


25 June 2021

Five new firecrackers to boost your weekend…

‘How Not To Drown’ by CHRVCHES and Robert Smith
The original track was released early this month. And this version is remixed by
the hands of The Cure‘s mastermind Robert Smith. He pumped up the volume and
build a titanic wall-of-sound.

Press play here…

‘Cannonball’ by EAMON MCGRATH (Toronto)
This instantly affecting country rock anthem “alludes to the opportunity to reflect
and look back on moments in your life as a musician with love and desire, but also a deep realization that they will never return.”
. The captivating duet vocals with Cayley Thomas – think Emmylou Harris on a high – are nothing less than overwhelming. You’ll understand why Eamon McGrath is a Gram Parsons and Lee Hazlewood fan. Top stuff!

Buy/stream here…

‘Sirens’ by FUZZY LIGHTS (Cambridge UK)
“Its a dark love song that tries to figure out how can we live with one another when there
is so much hate and resentment.”
Sings of the times indeed. Sirens has an ominous psych flow while the ghostly vocals emphasize the song’s haunting atmospherics. An amplified mediation about the uncertain future. From the band’s new album Burials, out 2nd July.

‘Boston Lager’ by THE RUDDY RUCKUS (Hamilton, Canada)
Remember those crazy nights out on the town when you’re with your friends and things are starting to get a little too carried away? It’s possible you can’t remember those out-of-your-mind drink sessions because you had way to much Boston Lager in your bloodstream.

Anyway, this swaggering rocker feels like a sober reflection about marathon booze excesses. This is the second single from our upcoming debut album Wentworth And
out September 10th,

Buy/stream the booze here…

‘We Are Between’ by MODEST MOUSE (Portland, US)
Today, the Portland veterans released their 7th album, titled The Golden Casket. Without a shadow of a doubt one of their best works. The adrenaline lead-single ‘We Are Between‘ is definitely my favorite.

Here’s why…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

MODEST MOUSE Release Third Single From Upcoming Album – Hear ‘THE SUN HASN’T LEFT’…

New sonic impulses…

19 June 2021

Band: MODEST MOUSE (Issaquah, Washington)
Former The Smiths guitar hero Johnny Marr was
a band member for 6 years (2003 – 2009)
Active: Since 1992 / 6 studio albums so far
Latest LP: Strangers To Ourselves (2015)

New album: THE GOLDEN CASKET – 7th LP
Out: 25 June via Epic

New single: THE SUN HASN’T LEFT – 3rd single off the album

Move and groove to the beat right here…



Baltimore‘s passionate electro-pop act FUTURE ISLANDS announced 2021/2022 tour
with veteran rockers Modest Mouse in America and Spanish fury Hinds in Europe/UK.

Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring in sweaty action some
years ago in my hometown of Ghent, Belgium. Tremendous gig…

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

MODEST MOUSE Shared New Track From Upcoming Album – Hear ‘LEAVE A LIGHT ON’

25 May 2021

Band: MODEST MOUSE (Issaquah, Washington)
Former The Smiths guitar hero Johnny Marr was
a band member for 6 years (2003 – 2009)
Active: Since 1992 / 6 albums so far

New album: THE GOLDEN CASKET – 7th LP
Out: 25 June via Epic

New single: LEAVE A LIGHT ON.

We’re leaving, we’re leaving,
we’re leaving, we’ll be home soon

Check the vibrant vibe here…