New MOJO Issue With KATE BUSH In The Picture

7 September 2022

Content: Collaborators, admirers and MOJO’s top writers tell the incredible story of Hounds Of Love, the classic 1985 album by prodigy Kate Bush >. Her greatest record,
and its resurrection.

Elsewhere, The Byrds talk us through their classic era. Joni Mitchell returns
from the wilderness. The Libertines tell us what they can remember about
making Up The Bracket. The literally fabulous life and work of Jackie Leven.
The groundbreaking insanity of Neu! and much more.

This month’s CD is a collection of music that inspired and sustained Kate Bush,
including Roy Harper, Anne Briggs, Eberhard Weber and Billie Holiday, plus
exquisite Kate Bush covers by Tracey Thorn and Nite Jewel.

You can purchase a copy of this Mojo 347 and
let it send to your home address. Info here.