MORRISSEY Speaks Out About His Politics

7 January 2023

Over the years former The Smiths icon MORRISSEY said a lot of controversial things including nationalistic and anti-immigrants ones, and supported former far-right group
For Britain, which spoke out against Muslims living in the UK.

At the end of last year, female rocker Miley Cyrus did
backing vocals on a new Mozz track called I Am Veronica.

Recently, she let Morrissey know that she wanted
her vocals to be removed from the song.

Yesterday he shared a long statement, reacting against
speculation that Cyrus did it due to Morrissey’s politics.

“Although the Left changed and deserted me many years ago, I am most certainly not Far Right, and I have not ever met anyone who claims to be Far Right. My politics are straightforward: I recognize realities. Some realities horrify me, and some do not, but I accept that I was not created so that others might gratify me and delight me with all that they think and do – what a turgid life that would be. I’ve been offended all of my life, and it has strengthened me, and I am glad. I wouldn’t have the journey any other way. Only by hearing the opinions of others can we form truly rational views, and therefore we must never accept a beehive society that refuses to reflect a variety of views.”

(image on top: cover of his We Are The Quarry album)