Picture This – MOTÖRHEAD Photo Book On Its Way

26 December 2021

Manic metalheads MOTÖRHEAD were the ace of spades when it came to
crushing the legal level of decibels with their kamikaze racket. True noise
champions, led by party animal LEMMY who would have celebrated his
76th birthday 2 days ago (born 24 Dec 1945 in Stoke-on-Trent, England)

The band canned 22 studio albums between 1975
and 2015. (Lemmy passed away on 28 December 2015).

A new photo book about the legendary trio titled
FAST & LOOSE is coming next week, 30 December.
Order info here.

“From 1976 to 1982 Graham Mitchell traveled countless miles of highway with Motörhead as their tour manager and trusted friend. Fortunately, he brought along his camera. Captured through the lens of their trusted friend, those photos—many of them never seen before—have now been collected in the new book “Motorhead: Fast & Loose – Snapshots from the Graham Mitchell Archive.” The images are a gritty, intimate and authentic “insider’s view” of daily life on the road with Lemmy, Phil Taylor, and Eddie Clarke as they were setting out to take over the world.”

The book’s promo trailer


MOTÖRHEAD Classic ACE OF SPADES Played On A Pipe Organ Of A Church (No Joke)!

13 August 2021

A couple of mindboggling bellringers in the Netherlands had a totally
insane idea. Why not play MOTÖRHEAD classic ACE OF SPADES on an
antique pipe organ?

Musician and organ player Frank Steijns performed it as part the of the
2021 Tower Festival in Weert, south-eastern Netherlands, accompanied
by his riff-roaring guitar friend Jitse Zonneveld.

Motörhead reacted/shared on Twitter: “Here’s one we really like. Enjoy!”

I wonder if God and his
son Jesus are fans…

The flabbergasting original…


Coming Soon… MOTÖRHEAD Live Album – Louder Than Noise In Berlin

Lemmy is dead. Long live Lemmy

Active: 1975–2015
Icon Lemmy passed away on 28 December 2015 (aged 70)

What: Registration of a wild and deafening show at the Berlin Velodrom in Germany
on 5 December 2012 in front of 12,000 crazy fans during the “Kings Of The Road” tour.
Release date: 23 April 2021

01. I Know How To Die
02. Damage Case
03. Stay Clean
04. Metropolis
05. Over The Top
06. Doctor Rock
07. String Theory
08. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
09. Rock It
10. You Better Run
11. The One To Sing The Blues
12. Going To Brazil
13. Killed By Death
14. Ace Of Spades
15. Overkill


R.I.P. Metal Legend LEMMY – Passed Away 5 Years Ago


28 December 2020

The legendary MOTÖRHEAD hero LEMMY KILMISTER passed away 5 years ago today, on 28 December 2015. He was 70. He entered the music world as a roadie for guitar icon Jimi Hendrix and for prog act The Nice (with Keith Emerson).

The leather metal freak’s first band he played in was space rock outfit Hawkind. He was kicked out of the group after he spent 5 days in a Canadian prison for drug possession. So he started his own gang MOTÖRHEAD in 1975. They released 22 albums, with Bad Magic as the final one. It came out a couple of months before he died.

Rest in peace, motherrocker. You were ACE!



Better Motörhead than dead…

MOTÖRHEAD Released ‘ACE OF SPADES’ Album 40 Years Ago Today

30 October 2020

Band: MOTÖRHEAD (London)
Active: 1975-2015
Album: ACE OF SPADES – fourth LP

Released: 30 October 1980 – 40 years ago today
Score: #4 in the UK

AllMusic/Jason Birchmeier wrote: “‘Ace of Spades’ was Motörhead’s third great album in a row, following the 1979 releases of ‘Overkill’ and ‘Bomber’, respectively… The singular sound (still loud and in your face, rest assured), along with the exceptionally strong songwriting and the legendary stature of the title track, makes Ace of Spades the ideal Motörhead album if one were to choose one and only one studio album. It’s highly debatable whether Ace of Spades is tops over the breakthrough Overkill, as the latter is more landmark because of its earlier release, and is somewhat rougher around the edges, too. Either way, Ace of Spades rightly deserves its legacy as a classic. There’s no debating that.” Score: 4.5/5.

Lemmy: “I don’t really have the voice for love songs, do I?

Turn Up The Volume: Sex, drugs, whisky, speedy
metal, and Lemmy. Winning combination.

The one and only single off the album, the classic ass-kicking title track…

Album in full…


R.I.P. Lemmy