Dream Pop Trio MOUNTAIN LAKES Releasded Second EP ‘I DREAMT I SAVED YOU…

9 April 2020

MOUNTAIN LAKES is a British-Polish electronica/indie trio formed in 2014 fronted by vocalist Joanna Cisowska, with Kuba Bujakowski on guitar, and Wayne Hood on bass. In
2018 they issued their debut EPĀ Eyesore.

The band just released heir second 4-track EP ‘I DREAMT I SAVED YOU’ with ‘BIG BAD WOLF‘ as my favorite track. A mesmeric mixed emotions jam that creeps slowly but surely under your skin. Its hypnotic and spellbinding resonance has a darksome shade caused
by singer Joanna Cisowska‘s riveting voice balancing between Beth Gibbons (Portishead) hallucinant tonality and Hope Sandoval‘s (Mazzy Star) mysterious vox. The film noir orchestration strengthens the overall dusky colour while both the amplified and catchy chorus turns this engrossing groove to a tantalizing experience. Top performance!

Capture the shadowy mood here…

Here’s the excellent EP in full…