SCREAM VI In March 2023 – Watch The Trailer With Your Favorite Slasher GHOSTFACE

22 December 2022

SCREAM VI is coming to haunt the world on 10 March 2023.

Tyler Gillett (director) in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“One of the things that was so exciting to us was bringing the story and bringing this
slasher icon into a new location. I think across the board, for the writers Guy [Busick]
and Jamie [Vanderbilt] as well, this was such a fun opportunity to explore what that
would feel like, bringing the world of Scream into that setting.

The teaser is a good example of how we’re having fun with that throughout the movie.
That is one of many sequences in the movie that uses the city really to its benefit and
in surprising and thrilling ways.”

Watch your back when you take the metro, certainly
in New York. Slasher Ghostface could be on it too.


SCREAM VI: Website

WHITE RIOT – Documentary About The ROCK AGAINST RACISM Movement In 1976

Great music documentaries/movies

14 November 2022


Released (DVD and Blue-Ray): 2019

Story: Filmmaker Rubika Shah documents the rise of Rock Against Racism (RAR).
The movie focuses partly on co- founder Red Saunders, photographer and Agitprop theater purveyor. Eric ‘fucking hypocrite’ Clapton supported the racist ideologies at
the time. More about Clapton‘s jaw-dropping nonsense here.

Rock Against Racism was a political and cultural movement, started in 1976 in reaction
to a rise in racist attacks on the streets of the United Kingdom, supported by the far-right National Front. RAR activists organised Carnivals, tours, but also local gigs all over Great-Britain, uniting black and white music fans.

– Trailer –

– Soundtrack –
(with The Clash, Steel Pulse & more)


NEIL YOUNG – HARVEST Documentary Next Month In Cinemas Worldwide On 1 December

10 November 2022

A new documentary movie about NEIL YOUNG’s classic LP HARVEST
is ready to screen and celebrates its 50th anniversary (released on
1 February 1972).

Created between January and September 1971, the docu-film takes us on an intimate journey to Young’s farm in Northern California for the ‘Harvest Barn’ sessions, to London
for an iconic performance with the London Symphony Orchestra and to Nashville where
the then 20-something Neil Young worked on various tracks of this signature album.

The feature is a fan piece that has never been seen before. Performance and rehearsal content is intertwined into creative storytelling and includes most of the tracks from the album including “Heart of Gold”, “A Man Needs A Maid”, “Alabama” and “Old Man”.

It’s set to be screened in cinemas on December 1
worldwide, with select encores on December 4.

Neil Young about the album: “This is a big album for me. 50 years ago, I was 24, maybe 23, and this album made a big difference in my life. I played with some great friends and it’s really cool that this album has lasted so long. I had a great time and now, when I listen to it, I think I was really just lucky to be there.”


Movie Poster This! ANGEL HEART – 1987

Cinema posters of Turn Up The Volume’s favorite films

23 july 2022

Movie: ANGEL HEART – 1987

Story: The year is 1955. Private detective Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke) is tasked by the shadowy Louis Cyphre (Robert De Niro) to track down the missing crooner Johnny Favorite, whose trace has not been found since 1943. The trail to the missing singer leads to a tangle of mysteries
and bizarre rituals in brooding New Orleans.
(Movie Meter)

Actors: Rober De Niro – Mickey Rourke – Lisa Bonet (former wife of Lenny Kravitz)

Director: Alan Parker (Midnight Express / Mississippi Burning / The Commitments / Evita)

TUTV: Along with Al Pacino my all-time favorite actors. The performances of
DeNiro & Rourke in this David Lynch-esque thriller is nothing less than brilliant.


Top scene

When Harry Angel (Rourke), the main character, finds out who
he really is when he encounters the real Louis Cyphre(DeNiro).

Spooky brilliance…

Great Movies Great Posters! THE STRAIGHT STORY 1999

Turn Up The Volume’s favorite movies of all time


Plot: A retired farmer and widower in his 70s, Alvin Straight learns one day that his distant brother Lyle has suffered a stroke and may not recover. Alvin is determined to make things right with Lyle while he still can, but his brother lives in Wisconsin, while Alvin is stuck in Iowa with no car and no driver’s license. Then he hits on the idea of making the trip on his old lawnmower, thus beginning a picturesque and at times deeply spiritual odyssey.

David Lynch read the real story in a newspaper and was so
struck by it that he made a movie about it, a normal one.

Director: David Lynch
Writers: John RoachMary Sweeney
Stars: Richard Farnsworth and, Sissy SpacekJane, Galloway Heitz
Year: 1999

A truly heart-and-soul breaking human story. Star Richard Farnsworth is so real and Sissy Spacek who plays his daughter brought tears to my eyes every single I saw this captivating pearl, although she’s only about a total of 15 minutes on the screen. The last minute of the film is pure goosebumps. Outstanding performances.


New Documentary ‘WAKE UP PUNK’ Feat. VIVIENNE WESTWOOD And Her Son Comes Out In May

15 March 2022

Vivienne Westwood (aged 80), punk-fashion artist and widow of the late New York
and Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren stars alongside her son Joe Corré in
a new documentary called WAKE UP PUNK.

The docu is directed by Nigel Askew who says:“’Wake Up Punk was ignited because
of the establishment’s misappropriation of Punk, a fightback from the heart of the

In 2016 Joe Corré, torched an alleged five million quids worth of punk memorabilia.
Older punks were to collectively lose their shit and the media described the event
as a senseless stunt by an agent provocateur. This event was the inspiration for
a retrospect of the essence pf punk back then, but also now.

Westwood 10 years ago…

The official release is on 9th May in Glasgow.

Movie Poster This! MULHOLLAND DRIVE (David Lynch) – 2001

Cinema posters of Turn Up The Volume’s favorite films

6 March 2022


Story: “A mysterious woman escapes a traffic accident with a bag full of money, but without her memory. Meanwhile, Betty Elms has appeared in L.A., hoping to start a film career. When Betty finds the nameless woman in her apartment, she decides to help her. The two women embark on a bizarre quest for the truth.” (Music Meter)

Actors: Naomi Watts – Laura Harring – Justin Theroux

Director: David Lynch

TUTV: All the great Lynch characteristics – (ir)reality, hallucination, delusions, fiction, absurdity, fantasy, nightmares – come together here and turn your mind upside down. Perplexing stuff. And the Rebekah Del Rio performance – see below – is heart-stirring.


Top scene

When American singer/songwriter Rebekah Del Rio, who has a three-octave vocal range, sings Roy Orbison‘s melodramatic song Cryin’ in Spanish, titled Llorando, in an obscure theatre watched by the two main role actresses, confused and in tears. Every single time (read: tons of times) I saw/see this fragment shivers go down my spine.


Sex, Drugs And Rock ‘N Roll With Iconic Warhol Gang THE VELVET UNDERGROUND

1 September 2021

The long awaited documentary by TODD HAYNES about the ultimate
iconic indie rockers THE VELVET UNDERGROUND will play on Apple TV+
from 15th October on.

Content: It documents the history of the innovative, eccentric and brilliantly
chaotic jingle jangle band and their legacy, through newly-conducted interviews
and various recordings and never-before-seen performances.

Talking about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. VU lived it 24/7. The documentary
will be accompanied by a soundtrack, The Velvet Underground: A Documentary
Film By Todd Haynes.

While waiting for the men and women, here’s the trailer




Concert movie of a one-off Led Zeppelin show on 10 December 2007,
in the O2 Arena, in London, as part of an Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert
(Ertegun was a famous and highly praised music executive – founder of
Atlantic Records – who passed away in 2006). The film started a limited
cinema release on 17 October 2012, and came out on several home audio
and video formats.

(Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund)

According to the Guinness World Records issue of 2009, the concert holds
the world record for the “Highest Demand for Tickets for One Music Concert
as 20 million requests for a ticket were registered online.

The explosive trailer

You can buy the CD/DVD via Amazon