Riff-Rotating Pyschobilly Rockers ANSWERMAN Have A ‘BLACK HEART’

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11 March 2023


Who: Firm rock quartet from Boston.

New single: BLACK HEART

It’s a reflection of how we’re all feeling, trapped in ongoing patterns of depression and anxiety. It’s also the lead single and aural appetizer to the group’s debut album Black Light Poster, out on April 21.

Photo: Pat Piasecki

TUTV: No whistles and bells for these four sharp-edged hombres out of Boston. After a short, jangly intro it’s all riff-rotating cylinders and all garage rock burners on. Psychobilly hooks and surf licks swirl side by side with manic magnetism. Black Heart is a roaring steamroller with a buzzing bluster, an electric-energetic flow, and snappy vocals. As the cliché goes, it’s only rock ‘n’ roll but they and I like it any day of the week. So should you.

Press play.
Turn it up.

The road gets so lonely, got nothing to say
Will the sun shine? Well I hope and I pray
Oh yeah!

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Seattle Synthpop Artist WATCH CLARK Drops Xmas Banger ‘MY BLACK HEART (LOVES CHRISTMAS WITH YOU)’…

New sonic impulses

23 December 2019

watch clark

Following his third mighty funky album ‘Couch’ last September, Seattle based synthpop artist Paul Furio aka WATCH CLARK couldn’t resist to join the Christmas fun and gave us ‘MY BLACK HEART (LOVES CHRISTMAS WITH YOU)’. A banger of a Xmas tune even Santa Claus can’t resist to dance to. Although if you look closely at the lyrics it’s actually a sad and confused love song dominated by mixed festive emotions…

I’m a walking contradiction
Girl you know I’m sad and blue
But my black heart
Loves Christmas with you

On the other it sounds catchy as hell,
tune in and swing to the electro beats…