NEIL YOUNG – His Magnum Opus ‘AFTER THE GOLD RUSH’ Is 50 Today

31 August 2020

Artist: Neil Young
Album: After The Gold Rush – his third LP
Released: 31 August 1970 – 50 years ago today

AllMusic wrote: “After the Gold Rush was recorded with the aid of Nils Lofgren, a 17-year-old unknown whose piano was a major instrument… Much of After the Gold Rush consisted of country-folk love songs, which consolidated the audience Young had earned through his tours and recordings with CSNY; its dark yet hopeful tone matched the tenor of the times in 1970, making it one of the definitive singer/songwriter albums, and it has remained among Young’s major achievements.” Score: 5/5.

Singles: Only Love Can Break Your Heart / When You Dance, I Can Really Love



Full album…

NEIL YOUNG: All Albums

NEIL YOUNG Is Lookin’ For A New Leader For AMERICA

Gripping reveries for the laziest day of the week

16 August 2020

Living legend NEIL YOUNG shared a new acoustic version of his 2006 song
Lookin’ For A Leader now called LOOKIN’ FOR A LEADER 2020. A wake-up
call to all Americans to vote for a new White House leader next November as
ignorant bully Trump split America right down the middle turning his country
into the Divided States Of America.

America is beautiful
but she has an ugly side
We’re lookin’ for a leader
in this country far and wide

Fuck Trump…


NEIL YOUNG – His Darkest Masterwork ‘TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT’ Is 45…

20 June 2020

Artist: Neil Young
Album: Tonight’s The Night – sixth LP
Dedicated to Danny Whitten, guitarist of Crazy Horse,
who wrote the song ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It’ made
famous by Rod Stewart
Released: 20 June 1975 – 45 years ago today
Score: #25 in the US

Rolling Stone wrote: “Tonight’s the Night finds Neil Young on his knees at the top of the heap, struggling to get back to his feet. The musical difficulties of last year’s On the Beach have been resolved as directly as possible by a return to recording with Crazy Horse and Nils Lofgren, with whom Young recorded his 1970 masterpiece, After the Gold Rush… Crying over the death of his real and imagined friends, Neil Young seems at once heroic and mock heroic, brave and absurd. Like the best of both, he leaves us as he found us, ravaged but rocking.”

Key phrase: Neil Young’s darkest masterpiece ever (with ‘On The Beach‘ at #2)
Key tracks: Tonight’s The Night / World On A String / Come On Baby Let’s Go Down Town /
Albuquerque / New Mama / Lookout Joe / Tired Eyes

Full album…

NEIL YOUNG: Website – All Albums


New Track From Upcoming Lost Album – Here’s NEIL YOUNG With ‘VACANCY’

New sonic impulses…

13 June 2020

(photo: Turn Up The Volume!)

Next week living legend NEIL YOUNG releases his long-awaited lost album HOMEGROWN. The longplayer he recorded in 1974 but never came out because it was ‘too personal.’ Too much about his broken relationship with actress Carrie Snodgress.

Young already shared heartfelt ballad Try featuring the late Levon Helm (The Band) and Emmylou Harris. And here’s another fresh one called VACANCY. A vintage Young rocker.

Wailing, electrifying, and emotional…

NEIL YOUNG: Facebook

ROCKIN’ IN THE FREE WORLD – Five Ballbreaking Live Killers Against Paranoia..

To fight paranoia in these lockdown times you don’t need to inject yourself with disinfectant. I have some far better medication. Turn up the volume, and pretend
that corona is a tasty beer, not a nasty virus. Go bananas to these 5 steamy live killers. Scream, jump, pump your fists, play air guitar, and keep on rockin’ in the free world…

– Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by NIRVANA –

– ‘Hysteria’ by MUSE –

– ‘Mr. Brightside’ by THE KILLERS featuring JOHNNY MARR

– ‘Fight For Your Right’ by BEASTIE BOYS –

– Keep On Rockin’ in The Free World by NEIL YOUNG –

Hell Yeah…

(VANT – photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

PATTI SMITH Performs Goosebumps Version Of NEIL YOUNG’s ‘AFTER THE GOLD RUSH On Amercain TV

Last night legend PATTI SMITH sung a stripped-down version of Neil Young‘s 1970
classic song ‘After The Goldrush’ on American TV show ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. A genuine and heart-whole goosebumps performance that she started first with reciting a new poem.

She was on the show to promote her
new memoir ‘Year Of The Monkey‘.
Here’s the interview she gave…

Part 1

Part 2


5 Memorable Albums Turning 50 in 2020…

The best of the past

Here are 5 Memorable Albums, selected by
Turn Up The Volume, turning 50 in 2020!

1. ‘Funhouse’ by THE STOOGES

Play here…



Play here…

3. ‘After The Gold Rush’ by NEIL YOUNG

Play here…

4. John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band by JOHN LENNON/PLASTIC ONO BAND

Play here…

5. ‘Moondance’ by VAN MORRISON

Play here…