Portland’s SOUVENIR DRIVER Impresses With New Album ‘A DANGEROUS CROSSING’…

7 May 2019

Sonic daydreamers SOUVENIR DRIVER from Portland, Oregon just released their fourth
LP titled ‘A DANGEROUS CROSSING’. A deeply emotive record influenced by a Friedrich Nietzsche quote ‘Mankind is a dangerous crossing’, current events, and personal lives.

Overall it’s an intensely touching, captivating and soul-stirring piece of work. High-class songwriting from the pensive lifelike reveries ‘Glow (The Empress)’ and ‘Outer Space‘ to the spicier full-sound humdingers ‘Haze‘, ‘Spin’ and ‘Lonesome Prairie‘, the cutting guitar fueled ‘Who Are You‘ and the splendid synths and bass injected swagger of ‘Admire’.

When the more than 8-minute groovy closer Glass Slipper (The Queen) comes to an end you’ll push the repeat button without any hesitation as, just like me, you’ll be tempted to discover every layer, every twist, every hook, every lick, every moment and every line of these terrifically arranged en delightfully orchestrated songs. This band knows exactly what imposing tunes need, how to construct them and how to turn them into appealing aural pearls that impact your hungry ears. ‘A DANGEROUS CROSSING‘ is an arresting achievement! I Discover the splendor here…



13 April 2019

The fabulous-tastic garage fury THE DARTS has announced their brand new second LP.
‘I LIKE YOU BUT NOT LIKE THAT’ will hit the streets hard on 24th May via their friend and punk legend Jello Biafra‘s record label Alternative Tentacles Records. Pre-order facilities right here. ‘Who’s this band?’ I hear that one poor ignorant guy in the back ask?….

THE DARTS (US) have exploded onto the scene with a fiercely classic sound that invests deeply in late 60’s garage, incorporating tones of horror-punk and garage-psych. Live, THE DARTS hurtle through songs with the reckless abandon of a freight train about to run off the rails, while their calculated musicianship sets a seamless trajectory of grooving hooks and restless boogie backbeats. If Elvira and Wednesday Adams consumed the flesh of man, drank shots of snake venom, started a garage rock band, and played the bride of Frankenstein’s bachelorette party,
it would probably sound exactly like THE DARTS.

Last year Turn Up The Volume saw these awesome garage devils going bananas in Belgium twice. Check out why THE DARTS is one of the best live bands on this planet here & here .

THE DARTS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Liverpool’s Glam Punk Misfits QUEEN ZEE Released Self-Titled Fireball Debut LP…

Remarkable new full length releases

11 February 2019


Who: Rousing Liverpool misfits led by the other-worldly and charismatic queer frontman Queen Zee. This gang built itself a thunderous reputation on the busy live circuit in the UK the past hew years while releasing a string of stupendous singles. Iggy Pop said about them: “They’re strange people from Liverpool. I don’t wanna say they’re dirty, they look a little weird, but they rock like crazy.”

Album: QUEEN ZEE – self-titled debut LP just released

Score: This first full length is a politically sharp-witted and highly noisy melting pot of trenchant glam punk havoc and dynamite pop mayhem. A terrific fireball fuelled with waspish vocals, bad-ass guitars and a thrashing drums/bass bolide. Get ready for a
series of slam dunks. Right here, right now…

QUEEN ZEE: Facebook

Liverpool dynamite

EXPLODED VIEW Challenges Your Subconsciousness With New Enigmatic Album… ‘OBEY’

28 September 2018

EXPLODED VIEW, the self-willed international ensemble led by the puzzling singer-
songwriter Annika Henderson, already made a lasting impact with their highly praised
self-titled debut album two years ago and are now back to mystify your sense of being even more. From the twilight lullaby opener onwards you enter their unreal sonic world
as designed on their new, second longplayer, entitled ‘OBEY. After the intro you drift into darksome ballad ‘Open Road‘ until ‘Dark Stains‘, with ‘Come On Honey‘ one of the most explosive songs on the fresh LP, jumps at you like a serpent. Suddenly and firmly.

By now you fully realize what’s really going on. Henderson is already walking around in your head looking for closed doors to open, looking to challenge your subconsciousness just the way mindfucker David Lynch loves to make you believe you’re on the verge of insanity with his nightmarish movies. Absolutely! That’s how Henderson‘s haunting and hunting vox captures your awareness, that’s how the whole hallucinatory orchestration vibrates like. At times (Sleepers / Letting Go of Childhood) it’s like if all instruments at play follow their own path before joining each other somewhere along the line, organically
and mysteriously. Obey is a perplexing and bewildering adventure. An enigmatic trip
from beginning to end. When the electro-droning closer ‘Rant‘ hit me for the first time
I still had no clue where I actually was, so I restarted the record instantly to find out.
That is what ‘Obey‘ does to you. It puts a ghostly spell on you. You just can’t escape. Exploded View‘s world is one of psychotherapeutic magic and seducing illusions.

Well, that’s my personal, ongoing, confused experience since the album was released yesterday. Discover the fascinating odyssey for yourself. Believe me, it’s much cheaper
and absolutely more effective than visiting your money-greedy shrink…

OBEY available via Sacred Bones  and Bandcamp or iTunes 

EXPLODED VIEW: Facebook – Instagram

SUEDE Released Brand New Album ‘THE BLUE HOUR’ – Here’s NME’s Verdict….

22 September 2018

Iconic glam rockers SUEDE released their 8th studio album THE BLUE HOUR yesterday.
As Turn Up The Volume is still in the process to absorb the new longplayer (although after two spins I’ve already heard 4 tracks I wanna have on repeat with opener As One as the most impressive one!) at this very moment I’ll give you legendary British music website NME‘s verdict: “On their eighth album, Brett Anderson and co. take the road less travelled, exploring rural decay with cinematic lushness… While there’s a comforting familiarity that comes with all things Suede, it’s wonderfully shrouded on ‘The Blue Hour’ by a very new, romantic and alluring strangeness. These are not hits to shake your bits to. Nor will these
beats shake your meat. Rest assured, Suede remain the beautiful ones, but are just looking
for beauty in ever more curious places…”
– Score 3/5 – Full review here

Stream THE BLUE HOUR here…

SUEDE: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

As one

(photo: Facebook Suede)

SPIRITUALIZED – Stream Brand New Soul-Searching Album ‘AND NOTHING HURT’ Right Here…

30 August 2018

JASON PIERCE‘s symphonic orchestra SPIRITUALIZED first album in over six years, entitled AND NOTHING HURT will see the day of light on 7 September. But thanks to NPR MUSIC you can have already a ‘first listen’ accompanied by a short review. Click and join Pierce‘s new soul-searching journey right here… Stream New Spiritualized Album.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

SPIRITUALIZED: Facebook – Website

INTERPOL’s New Album ‘MARAUDER’ Out Today / Interview With NME…

24 August 2018

Gloomy New York rockers INTERPOL launched their new, sixth LP entitled MARAUDER today. An overall darksome journey dominated by the band’s obscure signature guitar electricity and Paul Banks somber, yet arresting vox. Although their heavy-hearted tone sounds familiar the trio succeeds to stir your senses profoundly with several sharply
oiled strokes. A compelling longplayer, definitely one of the group’s best efforts.

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s key tracks: The Rover / Complications / Flight Of Fancy /
Mountain Child / Surveillance / Number 10

STREAM album…

NME’s impressions: “The NYC trio sixth album is a bold and artful evolution,
though it’s so claustrophobic you may long for a sense of release
.” – Full review here

CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND writes: “Interpol shoot themselves in the foot on ‘Marauder’.
Poor production and mixing choices detract from an otherwise emotionally intense album.”
– Full review here

THE GUARDIAN says: “They seemed shackled to their early success – but this affecting
and immediate album sees Interpol break free of the past.
” – Full review here

READ the band’s in-depth INTERVIEW with NME here

INTERPOL Website – Facebook – Discography

NME Praises New Album ‘ISLANDS’ By Northern Irish Veteran Rockers ASH…

14 May 2018

Irish veteran rockers ASH started their flamboyant career 26 years ago, in 1992.
After ups and down and changing line-ups the band launches next Friday, 18 May,
their eighth album, titled ISLANDS. Former British legendary music weekly NME,
now only informing the world about music and much more other stuff via their
website just published a raving review about Ash‘s new LP. “No band is an island,
but Ash’s peaks rise as tall as any other..”
– Score: 4/5 – full review right here.

Here’s flashing single ANNABEL

ASH: Website – Facebook –  Twitter – All Albums

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WIRE – New Self-Titled LP Is A Modern Day Work Of Art…

20 April 2015

New wave veterans Wire released their brand new self-titled album just last week. Their fourteenth studio longplayer. Just imagine you never heard about this band and you really know nothing about them, I’m sure you and many others would scream out loud that this record is a contender for ‘best debut album of the year’. Over the years they kept evolving and became masters of guitar pop-rock songwriting with stunning rhythmical sounds to create around. ‘Blogging’ is a fascinating, haunting psych colored ride criticising the social media. ‘Burning Bridges’ is electrifying dream pop glory. ‘Sleep-Walking’ is a slow-moving groovy walk. ‘Harpooned’ is a sonic masterpiece, a noisy bastard with a knife between its teeth and a crystal clear proof that Wire happens today. Like an ongoing fresh and inventive team. Brilliant stuff. Discover it for yourself…

WIRE: Website – Facebook – Biography – Discography

Stylish survivors

(photo below: FB – Wire)