New Albums 2023 – SMASHING PUMPKINS With 33 Songs On ‘ATUM: A Rock Opera In Three Parts’

Coming up next year

25 November 2022

Chicago‘s bombastic veteran rockers THE SMASHING PUMPKINS
orchestrated by Billy Corgan are ready to make new noise in 2023.

Next year, on 23 April, they’ll launch a new longplayer, named
ATUM: A Rock Opera In Three Acts with no less than 33 songs,
which will be revealed one at a time chronologically via a new
podcast called Thirty-Three With Billy Corgan leading up to the
album’s distribution.

The lead single is a piece named BEGUILED.
A mid-tempo banger with a rotating heavy metal riff.

C’mon, Billy, smash it…

On Spotify

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New Album Alert! PVA – THE BIG MOON – RED HOT CP

15 October 2022

Band: PVA
Who: Manic dance trio from London

Album: BLUSH – their debut
Released: 14 October 2022 – order info here

DIY magazine: “A collection of wonderful and curious songs perfect
for soundtracking that 3am dancefloor feeling – or maybe just your
.” Score: 4/5.

TUTV: Old skool dance/techno, but it works.
Open the old skool discos again!

Key/single/clip: Untethered

full longplayer here…

PVA: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Female dream-pop
quartet from London  

Released: 14 October 2022 – order info here

Juliette Jackson (voice/songwriter) about the album: “So much of the album I wrote
while I was pregnant and basically just wondering what the hell this was going to be like.
When I listen to it now, I can hear myself saying all these things and having all these anxieties. Those songs are a bit more floaty and just thinking about things and the songs I wrote after are more like the reality of extreme highs and extreme lows and the whole hormonal madness.”

NME:Lead singer Juliette Jackson’s pregnancy – and the band’s “recommitment” to each other – make the songwriting on album three immensely personal… From their pen through to their sound, ‘Here Is Everything’ is emotive and glossy; one that gives space to breathe in this busy world… Their deepest, most emotional album yet.” Score: 4/5.

Key single/slcip: Wide Eyes

TUTV: Their 3rd, their absolute best.
A blissful pop achievement.

Stream full album via Spotify

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Looks like the cover artwork was designed in the 60s for the Summer Of Love

Notorious funk-punk-rock celebrities RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS have their
second double LP of the year out only 6 months after Unlimited Love.

The new one is baptized RETURN OF THE DREAM CANTEEN and sounds
like the previous one, and the previsous one and the previsious one.
As the cliché goes it’s ‘a fan album’.

Rolling Stone Magazine: “At 75 minutes is even longer than its predecessor,
is essentially “Unlimited Love II.” it’s a bit of a stop-gap, but also a nice coda
Score: 3.5/5.

TUTV: I just made a compilation of the best 12 tunes of both
double albums. Guess what? It’s one of the best RHC albums
I ever heard.

Key single/clip: Tippa My Tongue

Full album stream on Spotify

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New Critically Acclaimed Album For Heroic Metal Survivor OZZY OSBOURNE

13 September 2022

Metal hero OZZY OSBOURNE has his new – 9th – album PATIENT NUMBER 9 out.

NME: “At 73 years old and battling with his health, you might not expect Osbourne to keep
that bar particularly high. But, for the most part, ‘Patient Number 9’ does just that, it’s a fizzing piece of hard-rock magic. The superstitious metal frontman might have revealed in a recent Independent interview that he tries to “avoid looking at” the number 13, but we’re lucky to
have his magnificent 13th solo album.
” Full review here. Score: 4/5.

TUTV: I’m not a devoted heavy metal fan, but to me, OZZY is the genre’s kaiser. Not only for his multiple easy-to-swallow drones but also because he’s a funny – at times hilarious – character and doesn’t really give a shit about what people think of him. He’s an all-round fab entertainer.

What about the new record? Well, it’s 100% Ozzy, howling at the moon on several sticking tunes as usual, but for my liking, he invited too many guitarists (Tommy Iommi, Jeff Beck, Clapton, Mike McCready, Zack Wilde). They all want to prove they are the best, resulting in the Oh, no fact that half of the record is filled with endless guitar solos. Still, OZZY RULES!

Singles/clips: Degradation Rules / Nothing Feels Right / Patient Number 9




Stream full longpplayer pn Spotify.

OZZY underwent complex neck surgery last June.
Just a couple of days ago he did his first interview
about it, along with Sharon, his wife of 40 years.

OZZY OSBOURNE: Facebook – Instagram

TESS PARKS – New Magnific Album ‘AND THOSE WHO WERE SEEN DANCING’ Available On Vinyl Now

7 September 2022

Who: Toronto born, London based singer-songwriter
Active: Since 2013. One solo album and two collaborative
ones with Anton Newcombe, the mastermind of psych squad
The Brian Jonestown Massacre.


The title refers to a quote by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by
those who could not hear the music.”

Released: 22 April 2022 via Fuzz Records

Tess Parks: “In my mind, this album is like hopscotch. These songs were pieced together over time in London, Toronto and Los Angeles with friends and family between August 2019 and March 2021. So many other versions of these songs exist. The recording and final completion of this album took over two years and wow – the lesson I have learned the most is that words are spells. If I didn’t know it before, I know it now for sure. I only want to put good out into the universe.”

TUTV wrote: Turn Up The Volume: Parks embedds her mood-swings in sedate-moving, symphonious musings (Suzy & Sally’s eternal Return / We Are The Music Makers / Brexit At Tiffany’s / I See Angels) with Parks‘ voice echoing like the twin one of Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses), in both gloomy and sultry psych grooves (WOW / Happy Birthday Forever / Brexit At Tiffany’s) and in one rollicking piano-boogie ripper.

Even after a couple of spins and checking out the songs’ lyrics Parks‘ world still is an enigmatic one (for me) but also teasing and defiant. I just love her mysterious side, far more challenging than an open book. In the end, on Saint Michel, it feels like she’s
grateful she can share new music after 9 years. So are we.

The album is available now on an exclusive Canadian 🇨🇦 Hand Drawn Dracula
pressing on Sky Blue Vinyl w/ Obi Strip & Signed Art Card. here


TESS PARKS: Facebook


Upcoming… New BILL CALLAHAN Album

25 Augustus 2022

Notable American singer-songwriter BILL CAHALLAN started his career under his alias of Smog. From 2008 on he operates under his Christian name. Overall he made 19 albums and number 20 is on its way. It’s named YTI⅃AƎЯ.

Callahan: “I wanted to make a record that addressed or reflected the current climate. It felt like it was necessary to rouse people — rouse their love, their kindness, their anger, rouse anything in them. Get their senses working again. I guess there was already plenty of anger! But we needed a better anger. To get out of this hypnagogic state. Hypnagogic rage. Disassociated rage that destroys the community and leaves only the individual eating themselves alive instead of feeding others. We were born to feed others. We have milk, breasts. We have language, tongues. We have music, ears. All to feed.”

YTI⅃AƎЯ is out 10/14/22 digitally and 2/24/23 physically. Pre-order info here.

Watch the weird visual introduction of the album…


Second Scintillating Synth Pop Longplayer By Italian Popsters THE BANKROBBER Lands On 23 September

22 August 2022

Who: Italian alt-pop band led by
brother ad sister Giacomo and
Maddalena Oberti

Sophomore longplayer, following their
excellent 2018 debut Missing.

Release: 23 September 2022
Pre-order info: here


The band shared 5 tracks so far, 3 with a video clip.
All harbingers for a new scintillating synth-pop LP.






Euro Tour 2022

THE BANKROBBER: Twitter – Instagram

Coming Up… Third LP By New Zealand’s Frisky Guitar Pop Outfit THE BETHS

What’s up?

16 August 2022

New Zealand‘s frisky guitar-pop outfit THE BETHS, led by fizzy
frontwoman Elizabeth Stokes have their 3rd album, baptized
EXPERT IN A DYING FIELD out on 16th September.

Pre-order info here.

Ahead of it, they shared (so far) 3 tracks, 3 on-target
doozies to keep you in high spirits.




TOUR 2023

THE BETHS: Facebook – Instagram

PANDA BEAR & SONIC BOOM – New Collaborative Album ‘RESET’ Out Now

15 August 2022

(Artwork new album)

American multi-instrumentalist Noah Benjamin Lennox better known as
PANDA BEAR and equally musical centipede Peter Kember aka SONIC BOOM
(co-founder of Spacemen 3) worked together again. The result is the new album,
titled Reset. It’s inspired by Kember’s collection of records from the ’50s and ’60s
and has several samples of hits of those memorable music decades on this new longplayer.

Pitchfork says: “Sharing equal billing for the first time, longtime collaborators Noah Lennox and Peter Kember achieve an intoxicating mind meld over a sample-heavy tribute to 1960s pop. Reset addresses our own troubled zeitgeist by avoiding the ambient dread, blithe critique, and seething anger that often characterize records we consider to be topical today… Less palliative than corrective, Reset is a dose of human lightness in the drudgery of the now. Conventional wisdom says that only younger performers have the unspoiled optimism and energy necessary to make such enthusiasm believable—the ardent songs Reset samples, after all, were sung by teens or twenty-somethings. But Panda Bear and Sonic Boom counter with the longevity of artists who have never compromised, and they give us the defiant Reset knowing that despair is a weapon in the hands of a present hell-bent on stamping out our souls.” Score: 8/10.

TUTV: Back to the future spirit all the way.

Singles/clips: Go On / Edge Of The Edge

– GO ON –


Full album streams on Spotify.

PANDA BEAR: Instagram
SONIC BOOM: Instagram


14 August 2022

Two years ago flamboyant frontman Tom Meighan left KASABIAN following personal problems. The announcement came via this statement from the band: “Tom Meighan is stepping down from Kasabian by mutual consent. Tom has struggled with personal issues that have affected his behavior for quite some time, and now wants to concentrate all his energies on getting his life back on track.”

(Serge Pizzorno – photo by Turn Up The Volume)

The band’s songwriter Serge Pizzorno, who occasionally
sang Kasabian songs in the past, is the new vocalist, on the
new full length, baptized THE ALCHEMIST’S EUPHORIA,
released 2 days ago.

NME says: “The band’s seventh album – and first with Serge Pizzorno on the mic – is a space-inspired recalibration that still boasts old-school anthems aplenty. Kasabian have always been about having a good fucking time, and although this is understandably their most introspective record yet, it does point to euphoria ahead. Back in May, the frontman told NME: “This album was just us saying, ‘Let’s see what we can do – let’s see where we can take this’. On the evidence of this surprising, eclectic and intimate record – which still finds time for the anthems of old – the answer is: as far as they want to”. Score: 4/5.

TUTV: Without rock frontman Tom Meighan I guess the band’s mastermind Serge Pizzorno made/released the synth-pop-symphonic orientated album he already had in his head for a long time, but was afraid to share it under the old Kasabian banner – the rock gang. So here it’s now. And hats off to Pizzorno for doing the bold thing: not looking back at the good old rock days, and instead re-start with a new(er) sound, the one he would have developed some time, anyway. On the other hand, honestly, I liked the first Kasabian version better.





Stream the full album here…

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Coming Soon… LEONARD COHEN Tribute Album Via BLEU NOTE

25 July 2022

There are so many Leonard Cohen tribute albums already around and another one is
coming up on 11 November via the iconic jazz label Blue Note (in business since 1939).

Here It Is: A Tribute To Leonard Cohen will feature covers of 12 of his countless pearls performed by artists such as Peter Gabriel, Iggy Pop, James Taylor and Mavis Staples.

Here is the song that inspired the new tribute album’s title.


1. ‘Steer Your Way’ – Norah Jones
2. ‘Here It Is’ – Peter Gabriel
3. ‘Suzanne’ – Gregory Porter
4. ‘Hallelujah’ – Sarah Mclachlan
5.‘Avalanche’ – Immanuel Wilkins
6. ‘Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye’ – Luciana Souza
7. ‘Coming Back to You’ – James Taylor
8. ‘You Want It Darker’ – Iggy Pop
9. ‘If It Be Your Will’ – Mavis Staples
10. ‘Seems So Long Ago, Nancy’ – David Gray
11. ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ – Nathaniel Rateliff
12. ‘Bird on the Wire’ – Bill Frisell

LEONARD COHEN: Bio – Discography

September 21, 1934 – November 7, 2016