THE CHURCH – Australian Psych Rock Legends About To Release Their 26th Album

13 March 2023

Who: Australian psych guitar masters
with more than 40 years in rock business.

The band’s 26th longplayer
Out: 28 April 2023
Pre-order info: here

Info: It’s a monumental concept album, The Church hone in on their bespoke
sound in The Hypnogogue without retreading creative steps. The record offers
a pool of melancholy tones and psychedelic swells, transporting listeners to
another realm, guided by its striking science fiction narrative.

Steve Kilbey (bassist, vocalist and founder) explains: “The Hypnogogue is the most
prog rock thing we have ever done, we’ve never created a concept album before. It is the
most teamwork record we have ever had. Everyone in the band is so justifiably proud of
this record and everyone helped to make sure it was as good as it could be.

Personally, I think it’s in our top three records. The complexity, the way the songs relate
to each other and the level of collaboration that has gone into the record. For fans of older records, give this one a chance, it will go on rewarding you for years and years. There’s lots
of subtle references to other artists, other songs and other times”.

Singles/clips: The Hypnogogue / No Other You / C’est La Vie




THE CHURCH: Website – Instagram – Facebook

New Upcoming Albums – Los Angeles’ Pysch Crusaders MAGNA ZERO With Debut ‘THE GREAT NOTHING’

What’s up?

9 March 2023

Who: Lifelong friends and bandmates from Los Angeles who explore what it
means to be human through their music with a journey through a metaphorical
black hole with the band as they meld an unforgettable musical experience
into their colorful cauldron of Space Rock.

Out: 20 March 2023

The album’s artwork. Solar eclipse vector total sun background.
Moon eclipse glow in space. Solar planet circle.

Info: Rich in sonic versatility, the eleven songs of Magna Zero’s The Great Nothing are a thrilling joyride past distant stars towards the mystic void, which ultimately lies within each of us as a key to inner peace. The tracks explode and whisper, caress and shred, while hope for a compassionate future emerges intact. The band describes The Great Nothing as a journey to ‘be free and let go,’ to ‘give up oneself to find the self’, and to ‘become nothing by paradoxically experiencing unity with everything’.

As a psychedelia freak myself I championed this L.A. trio before with reviews of singles from the upcoming debut longplayer. I had the opportunity to hear it and my eager ears told me that an intriguing, notable, and mindboggling work is on its way.

These 6 out of the 11 tracks offers you a crystal clear impression of the great nothing.

Towering cry out for tolerance and unity.
Puzzling brilliance reaching for the sky.

Scary and scorching powerstroke. It expresses the desire
to consume all that plagues and haunts one’s true love.

Mindblowing Odyssey into the unknown.

Amplified slo-mo jam in search of
the light at the end of the tunnel.

Rockin’ and rollin’ to free yourself.

Early Pink Floyd echoes

MAGNA ZERO: Facebook – Instagram

Hip-Rap-Hop-Rock Act ALGIERS Released Their Astounding Tour De Force Album ‘SHOOK’

26 February 2023

Band: American/English indie hip-rap-hop-rock
outfit formed in Atlanta.
Active: Since 2012 / 4 LPs (new one included)

New album: SHOOK
Released: 25 February 2023.
Order info here.

The New York Times says: “Throughout the album, Algiers lashes out at injustice,
exults in its sonic mastery and insists on the life forces of solidarity and physical impact.
But it refuses to promise any consolation.”
Score: 8/10.

(Press – FB Algiers)

TUTV: Algiers nail it big time with their 4th full length. Remarkably varied in sonic performance. They jump from zestful hip-rap-hop to forceful post-punk-rock, to
soulful lullabies, to arresting spoken-word protest, to ruminative gospel. 54 minutes
long, but you get sucked in Algiers’ 2023 for every second, never a dull moment. Astounding tour de force. Touchdown!

STANDOUT TRACKS: Everybody Shatters / Irreversible Damage
A Good Man / Green Iris / Cold World / Momentary.

KEY SINGLES: 73% – Irreversible Damage – I Can’t Stand It

– 73% –

Feat. RAGTM’s frontman Zack De La Rocha

Feat. Samuel T. Herring & Jae Matthews


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BOB DYLAN Releases ‘FRAGMENTS’ – The Final Chapter Of His Bootleg Series Is Out Today

28 January 2023

The final chapter of the famous BOB DYLAN Bootleg Series is out today.

The deluxe box edition titled “Fragments: Time Out Of Mind Sessions (1996-1997)” celebrates the 25th anniversary of his prizewinning album Time Out Of Mind which
was released on 30 September 1997.

Content: Fragments follows the evolution of songs written for the album, from
intimate early incarnations in the previously unreleased 1996 Teatro sessions through incandescent live renditions from 1998-2001. Also included is a brand new mix of the original album.

Formats: 5CD or 10LP Deluxe Edition and a 2CD
or 4LP Highlights version.bootleg series. All details
right here.

Have a great Bob Dylan day.
60 songs – 6 hours.

BOB DYLAN: Website – Bio – Discography

Still Light & Thunder With Legendary Hard Rockers URIAH HEEP On New LP ‘CHAOS & COLOUR’

New longplayers

27 January 2023

English longtime hard rockers URIAH HEEP started making lots of
noise back in 1969, 53 years ago. The band was formed by guitarist
Mick Box
, the only original member left today, and the late big voice
David Byron.

So far Heep recorded/released 24 studio LPs and #25, titled Chaos & Colour
is out today and Heep hero and Mick Box has some great news…

Singles/clips: Save Me Tonight / Hurricane



Full Album

URIAH HEEP: Website – Facebook – All Albums

Mystifying And Cathartic – LUCY KRUGER & THE LOST BOYS Have Two Singles Out From Upcoming Album

New striking strokes

19 January 2023

Photo by Holger Nitschke


Who: An art-pop ambient noise band whose music is full of atmosphere and intensity.
Based in Berlin, the group is fronted by South African-born Lucy Kruger. To encounter
her music is to witness a singular journey of constant reflection that produces an ever-widening arc of creativity. This burning psychedelic folk is both intimate and energetic.

FFO: Aldous Harding, PJ Harvey, Cate Le Bon, Jenny Hval

New album: HEAVING – 4th LP
Out: In the spring via Unique Records

So far Kruger & her band shared two singles.


Out today. A capricious stunner, going forth and back, featuring a chaotic and cathartic doomsday monologue, while the sickly sticky chorus invites you to press the repeat button. Top!

“I’m catwalking out of a Burning Building.”


A near whispering, slo-mo meditation.
Both mystifying and sensual.
Anika is not far away.

“Your blue eyes
Pressed against the portal
Past present
Dim dazzling
Do you mind if I leave on the light
Do you mind the theft of a line
My my my my morning
My my my my mourning”

Both singles on Spotify.



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Seasoned Punked-Up Rockers THE MEN Unleash Their New Album ‘NEW YORK CITY’ On 3 February

New longplayers coming up

17 January 2023

Who: Firm rockers from Brooklyn producing stormy sonic waves
Active: Since 2008 – 9 LPs (new one included)

New album: NEW YORK CITY
Out: 3 February 2023 through Fuzz Club

“On ‘New York City’, nocturnal proto-punk meets a timeless, all-guns-blazing rock’n’roll gusto. That the album leans into a more primitive, back-to-basics sound owes largely to the way in which was forged. The ‘New York City’ album was revised, reorganized and shaped until it became clear that things fall into place like the hammer driving the nail or the scythe’s swipe through the tall grass.”

Based on the three singles (here below) my greedy ears tell me that NYC will be
a steamed-up, fired-up and punked-up motherrocker of an album. Bring it on, men.




THE MEN: Linktree

Hot/Cold Shower – Neo Punk IGGY POP Released His 19th Album ‘EVERY LOSER’ Today

6 January 2023

No retirement for the 75-year-old Stoogefather.

His new – 19th – LP, named EVERY LOSER is today.
It follows his acclamaid 2019 album Free.

Lots of star collaborators joined Pop in the studio, such as Blink-182’s
Travis Barker, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan,
Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard, Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro
, and also the late
Taylor Hawkins, it became one of his last recordings

NME: “The Godfather of Punk stages a raucous return to his roots. Iggy is as feral – and furious – as we’ve heard him in years. An album that, even when it’s lyrically sincere, self-deprecating, or acutely aware, manages to stay larger than life. ‘Every Loser’ is a present-day primal punk resurrection from the only musician qualified to make one. “ 4/5.

TUTV: Unlike NME I only hear 4 filthy punk-Pop missiles (Frenzy, Modern Day Ripoff,
All The Way Down
and Neo Punk) out of the total of 11 tracks. In between 3 semi-rockers (Strung Out Johnny / Comments / The Regency), 2 ballads (New Atlantis / Morning Show)
and 2 otiose interludes make for a sonically unbalanced longplayer altogether. 7.5/10.

It feels like taking a hot/cold/lukwarem/hot/cold shower and therefore my ears/mind/body got confused. So I changed the order of the tracklist – from hot to medium to cold – and deleted the 2 interludes. Bingo, Every Loser sounds so much better. You should try it too.

Singles/clips: Frenzy / Strung Out Johnny




IGGY POP: Website – Facebook – Instagram

New Albums In 2023 – GUIDED BY VOICES On Their Way To LA LA LAND

4 January 2023

With 23 albums in 12 years, Aussie psych-prog rockers King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard must be labeled the most productive band in the book of Guinness World Records, closely followed by Ohio rockers GUIDED BY VOICES who canned 35 longplayers in 39 years. And #36 called LA LA LAND sees the day of light on 20 January 2023. Pre-order here.

The two singles/clips: Queen Of Spaces / Instinct Dwelling



GBV: Bio – Discography – Website

New Albums In 2023 – ’72 SEASONS’ By METALICA In April

3 January 2023

Metal icons METALLICA launch their
11th LP, baptized 72 Seasons on 14th April.
Order info here.

Hatfield (voice/guitarist) “The concept that we were told ‘who we are’ by our parents.
A possible pigeonholing around what kind of personality we are. I think the most interesting part of this is the continued study of those core beliefs and how it affects our perception
of the world today. Much of our adult experience is reenactment or reaction to these
childhood experiences. Prisoners of childhood or breaking free of those bondages we

So far the metalheads shared one hammer blow, called LUX ÆTERNA.
A pure speedy Metallica missile to start and end all moshpits with.

Holy Moses!


01. 72 Seasons
02. Shadows Follow
03. Screaming Suicide
04. Sleepwalk My Life Away
05. You Must Burn!
06. Lux Æterna
07. Crown Of Barbed Wire
08. Chasing Light
09. If Darkness Had A Son
10. Too Far Gone?
11. Room Of Mirrors
12. Inamorata

TOUR 2023 (more dates TBA)

METALLICA: Website – Instagram