10 Questions For The Muhammed Ali Inspired London Post Punk Gang… THE FABRICATORS

Discover up and coming bands in 10 questions

6 November 2018

From South London here are post punk influenced noisemakers THE FABRICATORS.
A raw, energetic, confident, committed, 4-headed gang making rambunctious noise
about our paranoid world. A couple of weeks ago they launched their dynamic debut longplayer, entitled NEW BAD NEWS. A direct, outspoken and LOUD record that grows
on you with every listen. Turn Up The Volume got in touch with this ear-popping team to find out all about their Muhammed Ali connection, their Dracula appetite and many other weird secrets. Join us for the answers to the questions, after this musical introduction…

1. What’s the story behind the band’s name and
how would you describe your sonic identity?

“On NYE of ‘16/’17 Muhammad Ali visited us from beyond the grave in a collective hallucinative vision. He said, “Just you listen here Joey, Jimmy, Marco and Marky – if you
guys also wanna be the greatest there ever was, you need to drop this ‘European Sun’ shit
[our band name at the time] immediately and become ‘The Fabricators’.”
And so, at the strike of 12 midnight, we did. We’re also called The Fabricators because we tell lies sometimes. Our songs are schizophrenic in structure with macabre undertones and usually end up sounding like Halloween, including the darkness and twisted humour. Some tracks are like EPs within themselves and we rarely have a proper chorus, which makes them very hard for people to sing-along to. This is exactly what we set out to do.”

The Fabricators’ mentor

2. The title of the debut album doesn’t sound hopeful.
What’s NEW BAD NEWS actually about?

James: “I wanted a phrase that captured the current paranoid, cataclysmic sociopolitical climate and reflected the foreboding sound of the album. I saw a comedian on TV talking about the news and he said he calls it the ‘Bad News’ because every story is so depressing.
I liked that but thought the phrase needed something more to be an interesting title. My girlfriend’s twin sister suggested ‘New Bad News’ and I snapped it up like the piranha I am.”
Joe: “I just like the “Ooo Ahh Ooo” sound of it.”

3. Tell us more about the album’s front cover image
Marcus: “As the visual artist of the band, I spent a month manipulating and creating different imagery options to present to the band for us to choose on. Unanimously we decided on this one, which I actually stole from an old Vogue magazine. The imagery
had a feeling of an entrance which I thought was appropriate seeing as this is our first album. I also really liked the idea of flipping this fresh, cheerful imagery on its head to create something with a bit more grain and darkness that I felt represented our message on the album and echoed the title.”

4. Which song do you consider as the band’s signature track so far?
James:‘Maureen’ is the opening song on our album and it’s probably already our best known. It was Marcus’ first songwriting contribution and, annoyingly, it turned out to be better than anything me or Mark have done. We all worked on the arrangement together and it came together really quickly in the studio. It’s an archetypical Fabricators track. Vicious riffs and vocals, driving bass, unhinged drums, then a weird middle bit, then
a riotous guitar string and drumstick snapping ending.”
Marcus: ” Since we released the song it’s become a staple track for us to either open or finish our gigs on. The song’s about my partner’s nan, of whom a few of our core fans know. Some have started chanting “Maureen, MAUREEN” at our shows – maybe we’ll get
her on stage one day… she’d hate it.”

5. Any rituals before going on stage for a show?
“Just the usual stuff. Few beers, listen to music, count the people in the crowd,
sacrifice a meerkat, call up all of our exes to gloat about our success.”

6. Brexit: A pain in the ass or a blessing?
“We hadn’t heard about this Brexit thing? Just googled it, seems like a great idea
with no potential downsides.”

7. If you would go back in time on which artist’s front door would
you knock and ask to have a selfie together?

James: “xxxTenacious. He seemed lovely.”
Marcus: “We don’t really do selfies anymore, ever since James got in trouble for posting the naked picture of him and Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) at
an orgy in Mexico a few years back… you probably won’t be able to find it now as we’ve worked tirelessly to remove it from the web as its been bringing both of their careers
and lives down since.”

8. Which movie would you pick to visualize the band’s
music on a big screen while playing a concert?

Dracula (1958) with Christopher Lee intercut with ‘Blue Planet’,
’ and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘Holy Mountain’.”

For all the Draculator fans out there

9. Your number one artist/band to go on a world tour with?
The 1975, because they’re excruciatingly bad but they play big venues
so we think people would prefer us.”

10. Next step for THE FABRICATORS?
“Submit these answers to Turn Up The Volume and
find a meerkat for the weekend. Thanks.”

Thanks to all of you, guys, for this interview.
May the road rise with THE FABRICATORS!

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THE FABRICATORS: Facebook –  Twitter

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