THE ROLLING STONES – Box Set Of 7″ Singles 1963-1966 Comes In June

15 May 2022

The untouchable ROLLING STONES will spoil
their fans with a box set of 7″ hit singles from
the period 1963-1966.

It’s a comprehensive, chronological overview of their early career as pop chart hitmakers. The box contains 18 vinyl 7” 45 RPM singles and E.P.s in original picture sleeves, a 32-page book with liner notes by the Stones authority Nigel Williamson, plus a set of 5 photocards and a poster, all housed in a hard-shell box. Out on June 10th. Pre-order info here.

Three TUTV‘s favs





Never Mind The Bollocks Here Comes Another SEX PISTOLS Compilation ‘THE ORIGINAL RECORDINGS’

7 April 2022

Another new Sex Pistols compilation is coming up.

A 20-track record titled The Original Recordings out on 27 May.

“For the first time in over a decade, 20 of the Sex Pistol’s recordings from 1976 to 1978 are collected together to tell the story of one of the world’s most influential and extraordinary bands. The tracks here cover the entire initial period of the band’s recording career – from Anarchy in The UK, through Never Mind The Bollocks to the post John Lydon Great Rock ‘n’
Roll Swindle soundtrack featuring early demos, cover versions and more. The compilation is completed by some essential B- sides – I Wanna Be Me (the flipside of Anarchy…), ‘Satellite’
(the b-side of ‘Holidays In The Sun’) and Did You No Wrong (from ‘God Save The Queen’).”

Pre-order info here.

The compil is coming out as a companion to Pistol, Danny Boyle’s new
Disney+ series (Disney??) on the Sex Pistols, out 31 May, without the
consent of John ‘Rotten’ Lydon.


Three thoughts…

One: Their limited production of songs is already compiled
a million times, the greedy not-punk Pistols money machine
is not satisfied yet.

Two: ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ still is the best punk longplayer ever
in my book, although I can’t listen to it anymore (see point three).

Three: Johnny Rotten (Jonny Forgotten is more appropriate now) has become
the opposite of what he all pretended to be and stand for in the early Pistols days.
His sharp-cutting lyrics back then now sound hollow, crooked, and, uh, rotten.
The moment he realised he could make a living out of his faked personality, he
became a pathetic parody of himself, And even worse, over the years he became a
bitter, moaning right-wing punk old-timer who’s an American citizen for years now
and voted for Donald fucking Trump.

Bye, bye, bye, bye
Bye, bye, bye, bye
Bye-bye Johnny
Good bye Johnny B. Goode

You’re the LIAR, Johnny


5 April 2022

The 1985 live concert film titled Prince and the Revolution Live is set
to be remastered for a new reissue on 3 June, visually and on record with
3xLP, 2xCD (2xCD), Blu-ray and streaming services. The concert took
place in Syracuse, on March 30, 1985.

A limited-run collector’s edition, which includes three coloured LPs, two CDs,
Blu-ray video, an expansive 44-page book (complete with never-before-seen
photos of the Purple Rain Tour), new liner notes, stories, and memories from
all five members of The Revolution, and a limited run 24 x 36 poster, will also
be available from the official PRINCE STORE. More info here.

Watch a restored clip of Let’s Go Crazy from that Syracuse show…

PRINCE: Website – Instagram


What’s up?

1 March 2022

Stranger Than Kindness: The Nick Cave Exhibition is an unprecedented look into
the creative world of musician, storyteller, and cultural icon Nick Cave. With more than
300 objects collected or created by Nick Cave through six decades of his creative and private life brought together in large-scale installations, the exhibition is an artwork in itself.

Created for The Black Diamond of The Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, and with
as a co-curator and co-designer, the exhibition is an unorthodox fusion of
biography, autobiography, and fiction, asking what shapes our lives and makes us
who we are.

It covers the journey from Cave’s childhood in 1960s Wangaratta, Australia, through
the chaotic years with his first bands, The Boys Next Door and The Birthday Party, and his relocation to Berlin and then London. Central is the ever-evolving collaboration in Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, from the band’s inception in Cave’s most obsessive period in Berlin, up to their latest release Ghosteen (2019), widely acknowledged as their best work ever. The exhibition reveals how Nick Cave’s life, music, archives and fictions continue to intertwine, inform and inspire each other.

Here’s the trailer for the exhibition….

The exhibition opens Friday, April 8 at the Galerie de la Maison Du Festival Montreal.

TAYLOR SWIFT Is Global Ambassador Of RECORD STORE DAY 2022

24 January 2022

Record Store Day 2022 will take place on the 23rd of April.

The RSD board chose TAYLOR SWIFT as Global Ambassador
for this year’s edition. Why? For promotional reasons of course,
but some things that happened recently were taken into account
to nominate Swift.

1/ Last year, for the first time in 30 years more vinyl records than CDs
were sold. Swift had three of the year’s 10 best-selling LPs (mostly sold
via record stores).

2/ At the start of the global pandemic, Swift paid the salary and the healthcare
costs for employees at the Nashville emporium Grimey’s. I know it didn’t make
her poor of course, but it was a cool gesture.

3/ She sent signed copies of her album folklore to independent record stores.

And in the end, if the face/name of a big star can give the event more visibility
and attention, we can’t argue with the marketing strategy for the event.
Record Stores can use a much-needed push in the back any time.

Taylor Swift: “I’m very proud to be this year’s Global Ambassador for Record Store Day.
The places where we go to browse and explore and discover music new and old have always been sacred to me. Record stores are so important because they help to perpetuate and foster music-loving as a passion. They employ people who adore music thoroughly and purely. Those people and shops have had a rough few years and we need to support these small businesses more now than ever to make sure they can stay alive, stay eccentric, and stay individual.
Happy Record Store Day, everyone! Stay safe out there.”

RECORD STORE DAY 2022: Website

DAVID BOWIE’s Estate Sells Catalogue For $250million

4 January 2022

Yesterday, Variety Magazine revealed that the DAVID BOWIE ESTATE sold
the late genius’ publishing catalogue to Warner Chappell Music for a price
reported to be upwards of $250million (£186million).

The catalogue spans Bowie’s career from 1968 to 2016, including songs from
the musician’s 26 solo studio albums and the two albums from his Tin Machine
side project.

Guy Moot (CEO of Music Chappell Music): “All of us at Warner Chappell are immensely
proud that the David Bowie estate has chosen us to be the caretakers of one of the most groundbreaking, influential, and enduring catalogs in music history. These are not only extraordinary songs, but milestones that have changed the course of modern music

You can read the full Variety feature here.

Look What I Found – NEIL YOUNG Digs Up Another Lost Album

30 November 2021

NEIL YOUNG‘s cellar must be huge. The legend keeps on finding lost music.
This time it’s, as he posted on his website, a collection of tracks from 1987
that was dubbed SUMMER SONGS.

Young: “We are not sure of the exact original dates of these recordings yet. They were
all given the same date in the NYA Vault’s records, but they all have a very similar unique
sound. To give you an idea of place and time, Farm Aid and the Bridge School concerts
had just begun their long runs.”

“This group of songs had just been written and put down in the studio at Broken Arrow,
as far as we can figure. We cannot completely be sure of the engineer who was recording
these and I don’t remember the sessions at all! Every song in the collection was with acoustic guitar or piano and simple added embellishments — sketches of arrangements we made
to preserve the initial ideas.”

Some of the songs found their way in a finished version on different albums like ‘The Last Of His Kind’, ‘For The Love Of Man’, ‘American Dream’, ‘Name Of Love’, ‘Someday’, One Of These Days, ‘Hanging’ On A Limb’, and ‘Wrecking Ball’ appearing on longplayers Freedom, American Dream, Psychedelic Pill, and Harvest Moon, but “the words of these originals are significantly different from their subsequent master album releases in many cases” says Young.

The songs will be included on his next massive archival volume,
and also may be released separately before that.


JULZ SALE From Post Punk Band DELTA 5 (1979-1981) Passed Away

23 September 2021

Sad news (again). Only a couple of days after the announcement
of the passing of Richard H. Kirk, co-founder of Cabaret Voltaire
comes a statement now via Variety:

Julz Sale, co-founder and singer/guitarist of Delta 5, whose 1980 indie hit
“Mind Your Own Business” saw an unexpected revival when it was used in
an Apple ad earlier this year, has died, Variety has confirmed via the band’s
U.S. label.”

DELTA 5 was a post-punk band from Leeds, that split after two years
(1979-1981), one album See The Whirl and several outstanding singles
with Mind Your Own Business (I have a copy, stunning artwork, see
below) as their best known 7″.

Here’s a live version of that classic – Jultz Sale on vocals…

The single’s superb artwork…

All singles and some live tracks…

Back To The Past With Beach Boy Icon BRIAN WILSON On His Redesigned Website

23 July 2021

The official website of Brian Wilson, the Beach Boy icon has been redesigned
in order to include a detailed history of Wilson’s career with his legendary surf
pop band and solo adventures.

A new, extended timeline gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the
music expert’s long career with rare photos, unreleased music, and Wilson musing
about classic hits, through each decade of his life. A Tour section includes photos
of Wilson and also rare backstage or unseen videos and photos. Click here for the TIMELINE.

Brian Wilson: “Thanks for visiting my new website. We decided to put up some cool
demos, outtakes and live tracks you haven’t heard before. I hope you dig listening to
them as much as we did making them. Stay safe and we’ll see you on tour soon!”

Here’s a taster. A 1995 demo of Desert Drive , a track
of Wilson’s 4th solo album Gettin’ Over My Head

And still touring too…