14 July 2020

The solo concert – without an audience – by living legend NICK CAVE at ALEXANDRA PALACE in London filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic is planned to premiere 23rd July. He just shared a trailer for the movie featuring him reading a poem in voice over
as we see him sitting at a piano.

Nick Cave revealed how the project came about: “Idiot Prayer evolved from my Conversations With… events. I loved playing deconstructed versions of my songs at these
shows, distilling them to their essential forms – with an emphasis on the delivery of the words.
I started to think about going into a studio and recording these reimagined versions. Then the world went into lockdown. The Bad Seeds’ global 2020 tour was postponed. Studios shut down. Venues shut down. The world fell into an eerie, self-reflective silence. It was within this silence that I began to think about the idea of not only recording the songs but also filming them. ”

Watch the trailer here…

NICK CAVE: Facebook

Timeless Masterpiece ‘RUNNING SCARED’ by ROY ORBISON – No 1 Hit In The US This Day In 1961

Top singles from the past…

5 June 2020

Artist: Roy Orbison
23 April 1936 – 6 December 1988
Single: Running Scared
Written by Orbison and Joe Melson
B-side: Love Hurts
Released:  March 1961
Score: Topped the US charts on 5 June 1961 (59 years ago today)
selling over more than 1 million copies / peaked at #9 in the UK
Album: Crying

Here’s the BIG O with a monumental live version…

Nick Cave‘s cover…

ROY ORBISON: Website –  Facebook

NICK CAVE Covers T.REX For New Tribute Album – Here’s ‘COSMIC DANCER’…

New sonic impulses

29 April 2020

Living legend NICK CAVE has recorded a song by seventies glam icons T.REX.
The Australian singer/songwriter star picked ‘COSMIC DANCER‘ to feature on
a tribute album dedicated to the band’s brilliant mastermind and charismatic
leader MARC BOLAN. His version is vintage Cave, a heartfelt crooning ballad,
a moony reverie with goosebumps piano and warm clarinet fragments.

The new record, entitled ‘ANGELHEADED HIPSTER’ is planned for a
4 September release, with other contributing artists such as Elton John,
U2, Joan Jett
and Marc Almond. .

The reimagined selection of T.Rex classics was headed up by producer
Hall Willner, who passed away from coronavirus earlier this month,
only 64. Rest in peace.

Here’s Nick Cave‘s amazing cover…

And below the original version, a gripping live version…

T.REX: Facebook