Young NICK CAVE On Fire

The Young Nick Cave

A new autobiographical 432-page book about Nick Cave as
a young man (‘the Dark Lord’ as one of his friends called him).
From growing up in Wangaratta to joining the music scene in
Melbourne, Australia.

Author: Mark Mordue.
Australian writer, journalist, and editor.

Louder Than War (Melanie Smith) writes: ‘Although it is primarily about the younger
Nick, we still get a flavour of how the Nick of today thinks and feels about the world around him. Nick has had no easy ride in life as he’s been hard on himself, pushing himself to achieve greater things. I’d say he was a perfectionist, constantly driven to create, whether it be music, art, screenplays, or books. It’s taken a considerable time for him to emerge and be accepted as one of the greatest songwriters and live performers of our generation; experiencing him live is like a religious experience. Colin Cave (his father) would be proud of the good son he turned out to be.”
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25 February 2021

Artists: NICK CAVE and longtime collaborator WARREN ELLIS
Released: 25 February 2021 (digitally)
CD and vinyl follow May 28.

Warren Ellis: “Two people sitting in a room taking risks and letting whatever happens, happen. The eight songs were there in one form or another within the first two and a half days and then it was, ‘let’s just make a record!’ There was nothing too premeditated about it.”

Nick Cave: “The inspiration came from reading, compulsively writing and just sitting on my balcony thinking about things”. The record just fell out of the sky. It was a gift.”

NME says: “‘Carnage’ is arguably Cave and Ellis’ best record since The Bad Seeds’ latter day reinvention on 2013’s ‘Push The Sky Away’, or maybe even ‘Abattoir Blues’. It’s certainly two master craftsmen at the peak of their melodramatic powers.”

Turn Up The Volume‘s first Impression: A mix of the romantic crooner and the haunting crooner. Growing with every spin. Compelling orchestrations, classical arrangements, with Ellis showing his musical skills once more. Can’t remember when Cave made an average album. Did he, actually? Okay, Carnage once again on my headphones.

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(pic from ‘Alexandra Palace’ album)

Mesmerizing Musings – ‘Idiot Prayer: NICK CAVE Alone At Alexandria Palace’ Out Now!

22 November 220

Late July midnight crooner NICK CAVE played a solo live-streamed
concert inside the cavern of London’s iconic Alexandra Palace.

The recordings of the performance are out now out, titled
Idiot Prayer – Nick Cave Alone At Alexandra Palace,
containing 22 songs; old and new ones.

Pitchfork: “Cave performed 22 career-spanning songs alone in a deserted concert
hall, reworking them into haunted piano sermons that glow with unnerving intimacy…
The result is a performance that exists in a strange hinterland, an album that’s unnervingly intimate yet flickers with the strange unreality of a dream. Idiot Prayer is as up-close and personal an encounter with Cave as there’s ever been. But a little mystery remains, always.”

Full review here. Score: 8/10.

Nick Cave: “I loved playing deconstructed versions of my songs at these shows, distilling
them to their essential forms – with an emphasis on the delivery of the words. I felt I was rediscovering the songs all over again, and started to think about going into a studio and recording these reimagined versions at some stage – whenever I could find the time. Then,
of course, the world went into lockdown. The Bad Seeds’ global 2020 tour was postponed. Studios shut down. Venues shut down. And the world fell into an eerie, self-reflective silence.”

Turn Up The Volume: Nick Cave‘s dramatic voice and just a piano, stripping his songs
to the bone feels so natural, so real, and also familiar because his gloomy vox was/is dominant on most of his records. He’s the crooner you want as a comforting companion for the midnight hours. Lockdown blues from start to finish.

Dim the lights…

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