New NICK CAVE Photo Book Called ‘…GRACE’ With DEREK RIGERS Shots

23 November 2022

Renowned British photographer DEREK RIDGERS (aged 72) has photographed
an array of youth and cultural movements in the UK, street, and alternative London
club scenes. This is the first book published on Ridgers’ early photography that focuses
on a single person as subject. This book comprises material taken from four photographic shoots with NICK CAVE, when Ridgers was working as a freelance photographer and offering material to music press publications of the time.

All formats/order info via publisher BURNING BOOK PRESS.

Taken from Ridgers’ archives and scanned directly from the original photographic transparencies this material has been printed by full colour lithography with the black
and white also being run as full colour to obtain optimal results and high contrast. With this attention this is the best these photographs can be seen.

The pages have been section stitched and hardback bound in a blue cloth with a rounded spine. There is a recessed tip in picture and the title has been gold foil blocked on the front and spine. There is an additional blind image in black on the back cover. Inside an obsolete traditional Heidelberg letterpress was employed to hole cut a perforation running down one of the pages.


Photos via Burning Book Press

Gone But Not Forgotten! NICK CAVE And THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (1976–1983)

Back in time

12 December 2021

Who: One of the most chaotic, disordered, savage post-punk bands
in rock’s turbulent history. Originally known as The Boys Next Door) these
desperados left their home country Australia, moved to London, and started
a hellish adventure. Voice and face was a young disoriented, out-of-his-mind
junkie called Nick Cave who acted like a self-destructive anarchist. The music
was raw, rough and rowdy. TBP was one of those rare bands with an instant flabbergasting impact on your senses. One you’ll never forget once you
heard/saw them.

Active: 1976–1983
Albums: 1 as The Boys Next Door
and 3 as The Birthday Party

Original line-up…

Nick Cave – vocals, saxophone
Mick Harvey – guitar, drums, keyboards
Rowland S. Howard – guitar, vocals (R.I.P.)
Tracy Pew – bass, clarinet (R.I.P.)
Phill Calvert – drums

1-2-3 TBP moments…





(Band pic on top: cover of ‘John Peel Sessions’ album)

NICK CAVE Wrote 7 Spoken Word PSALMS Put To Music With Bad Seed Partner WARREN ELLIS

3 May 2022

Albums, soundtracks for documentaries, live shows. Seems like
Nick Cave and his bad seed pal Warren Ellis do not sleep a lot

And they’re not slowing down, yet. A series of 7 spoken word psalms
written by Cave and set to music with Ellis will be released 17th June,
on 10″ vinyl and via streaming services.

The outer sleeve is printed on embossed petrol blue with
a jewel-like title and crucifix rendered in metallic gold.

Order info here.

Cave: “While in lockdown I wrote a number of psalms, or small, sacred songs,
one a day for a week. The seven psalms are presented as one long meditation
on faith, rage, love, grief, mercy, sex and praise. A veiled, contemplative offering
borne of an uncertain time. I hope you like it.