GARBAGE Still Rock, SHIRLEY MANSON Still Fulminates – Seventh Album ‘NO GODS NO MASTERS’ Out Now

15 June 2021

Power rockers GARBAGE unleashed their seventh
LP titled NO GODS NO MASTERS. Order info: here.

In a press statement, the band said: “This is our seventh record,
the significant numerology of which affected the DNA of its content:
the seven virtues, the seven sorrows, and the seven deadly sins. It was
our way of trying to make sense of how fucking nuts the world is and
the astounding chaos we find ourselves in. It’s the record we felt that
we had to make at this time.”

NME says: “On the alt-rock veterans’ seventh album, Shirley Manson and
co. layer sounds of the past with a futuristic sheen to reveal today’s horrors…
nearly 30 years into their career, these veterans have pulled off a record that’s
seductive in its sound and resonant in its message, as well as proving a triumph
in showcasing not only the lineage that led to Garbage but also their mastery
of alt-tinged dark-pop that led us the likes of Chvrches and Lana Del Rey.”

Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: 26 years after making walloping waves with their rad
self-titled debut album Garbage still rock, still knock, still shock with towering
tunes and NME’s Godlike Genius Shirley Manson still writing lyrics with a sharp pen
drenched in vitriol. Her fervent fight against all kinds of human injustice will never
ever stop. She never ever will be a not caring, settled rock star. Check these lines
of lead-single ‘The Men Who Rule The World’ and you’ll get the fuck you picture…

The men who rule the world
Have made a fucking mess
The history of power
The worship of success
The king is in the counting house
He’s chairman of the board
The women who crowd the courtrooms
All accused of being whores
Money, money, money

Singles/clips: No Gods No Masters / The Men Who Rule The World / Wolves




Full album…

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11/12/13 June 2021

5 new firecrackers to boost your weekend…

‘Smile’ by WOLF ALICE (London, UK)
The hottest track on their brand new
flabbergasting album Blue Weekend.

Go for it, Ellie

‘Those Are The Days’ by THE HACIENDAS
The Mancs nail it again with this jagged jackhammer. The Haciendas prove
once more that guitar rock is alive and bloody kicking. An irresistible pace,
a head-over-heels drive, impassioned vocals, a blazing chorus and a
frantic-as-fuck guitar solo. Hail hail!

Tom Smith (frontman) “It’s a celebration of those days at music festival, which will
soon be returning. We all cannot wait for the return of live music, the music scene is
going to go absolutely nuts, like one massive party and like the chorus states, ‘nothing
will ever beat this feeling’.”

Start the party here…


‘No Gods No Masters’ by GARBAGE (US/Scotland)
Flashing glam title track from
their new album out today.

Still love you, Shirley

‘Miss Those Days’ by TRAVIS JAMES feat. Esteva
A vocal beauty. A sepia-colored musing. Lovesick, pondering and tender.
Romantic melancholia at its emotive best. “It’s the nostalgic story of two
people that have moved on but both still feel a sense of attachment to each

Enjoy here…

‘Heavy’ by SUG DANIELS (Delaware, US)
For some reason, this up-and-coming artist reminded me of ‘Little’ Stevie Wonder when this song reached my sensitive ears for the first time while watching his video. I guess because he’s young and black with an inspiring voice and an HQ talent for songwriting.
This debut single is about “the horrible awkwardness of having romantic desires for a friend but not being sure if the feeling is mutual.” A very promising start.

Listen/watch right here…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

GARBAGE Drop Another Blistering Track From Their Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘NO GODS NO MASTERS’

29 April 2021

Their 7th LP, out 11th June. Order info: here

New single: NO GODS NO MASTERS – title track

After smoking lead-single The Men Who Turn The World
charismatic Amazon Shirley Manson and her band dropped
another blistering cut.

“This song is about re-imagining our society for the future, for our
children and not making the same mistakes over and over again and
allowing greed to corrupt our thinking,”
says Manson.

No Gods No Masters rattles and rolls with dash and panache…

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