NO THEE NO ESS – Psychedelic Cardiff Duo Floats Eight Miles High On Album ‘DIMMER SWITCH’

25 September 2021

Who: Psych rock duo from Cardiff. A collaboration between Paul Battenbough
(The Cosmic Array, King of Despair) and Andy Fung (Derrero, Cymbient). The two
bonded through a shared love of The Beach Boys, Neil Young, and West Coast

Released: 17th September 2021

“The partnership creates spontaneously, conceiving songs and ideas in the studio and
then recording straight away to preserve their freshness and immediacy. The eighth No
Thee No Ess album, ‘Dimmer switch’ was recorded with musician/producer Frank Naughton
at his legendary Cardiff studio, ‘Ty Drwg.’ Naughton contributes additional instrumentation, bringing new lysergic colours to songs like “kaleidoscopic” and “Chorus.” The result is among
‘no thee no ess’ most adventurous works to date, rich with experimental energy while retaining their characteristic blissed out vision.

Turn Up The Volume: Psychedelia in all its sonic varieties. From cinematic soundscapes to far-out weirdness, from prog-rock to Zappa jazz, from pop to roll, from swings to moods and back, from Syd Barrett to The Flaming Lips, from broken wheel symphonies to Lucy in the sky with diamonds. I guess you have the overall picture by now. So much to discover, so much to absorb, so much to enjoy. Close your eyes and let your headphones massage your ears and mind.

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