DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY – Fervid Danish Force Impress With New Titanic Belter ‘BURN OUT BRIGHT’

New striking strokes

9 August 2023

Photo by Kristian Rosengaard

Who: Danish trio producing big
pop-rock tunes since 2017

The second shared track, following the cooking You Better Run
(see video below) from their debut LP ‘No Weather, No Cry, The Desert
Don’t Lie’
, out on September 6th.

Album artwork

“Chasing your dreams is like standing on the edge of a cliff – you got to be willing
to jump, leaving everything behind. The sacrifices, are part of the game. But it’s worth
it, because when you’re up there, living your dreams, nothing else matters. Burn Out
Bright is about not looking back, and don’t let anything or anyone stop you in chasing
your dreams. It will cost you blood, sweat, tears, and maybe a few broken bones along
the way, but it’s worth it.”

Single artwork

TUTV: I love euphoric blasts like this. Burn Out Bright is a multi-guitar-layered
belter that energizes your adrenalin production, fastens your bloodstream and
makes you smile from left to right and back.

A relentless drum/bass turbine kicks ass throughout, the vocalist gives it all,
and the titanic chorus makes this victorious exploit complete. Massive stroke.
No burnout with this fervid Danish force.


First single

DI: Linktree

Impressive album/single by Anitta Birch