NOEL GALLAGHER Concert At Saratoga, New York Cancelled Due To A Bomb Threat (No Signs So Far Of LIAM Being Behind It)

Last Saturday at Saratoga Springs, New York NOEL GALLAGHER was
about to start his set when somebody of the organization came on
stage and said “Due to circumstances beyond our control, the show will
not continue. ”

Then a message appeared on screens in the venue instructing people
to calmly proceed to the exits. The NYS Park Police later confirmed that
the show had been called off due to a bomb threat. So far there’s no signs
of Noel‘s brother Liam being behind the incident.

Tweets from reporter Jon Campbell, who was there.

C’mon you know, that at that dramatic moment (NME cover below) a bomb
went off. And now another bomb treat, coincidence? Some might say…