NORPHLET Move With Their New Heart And Soul Album ‘THE GARDEN’

21 July 2021

Who: Atmospheric alt-rock duo out of TX/C

Turn Up The Volume: Sonically Norphlet balances between the Americana
romanticism of Band Of Horses, the vulnerable psyche of Sparklehorse and
the multi-layered guitar fever of shoegaze. Lyrically its about reflections on
the past, present, and future. About regret, pain, doubt, hope, love, heartache.
About life.

This record is one that grows emotionally on you with every spin. From goosebumps ballads to amplified rockers. Top songwriting, top vocals, top orchestrations. Sonic melancholia at its gripping best. Don’t miss this.

Key-tracks: The Garden Gate / Fingers Crossed / Meadow Of My Mind / Saudade

Stream/buy The Garden here…

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Passionate Duo NORPHLET Deals With Their Demons On New Single ‘STILLBLOOM’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

5 July 2019


Who: A Texan/Californian duo – vocalist/guitarist Cody Brown and drummer Taylor Devorsky – that have crafted a uniquely atmospheric blend of 90’s indie, adventurous post-rock, and hooky pop-punk with an emphasis on writing songs that stick

Track: STILLBLOOM – brand new single which lyrically is an acknowledgment of their demons and an acceptance of how they shape them

Score: The captivating orchestration and quit/loud construction of this flamingly emotional rumination grabs you by the throat all through its heart-whole evolving
development. Its profound passion and sensitive determination is awe-inspiring and
will trigger you to deal with your own demons. Capture the cathartic intensity here…

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SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 32…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven striking strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven towering tracks to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Getaway’ by ALCABEAN (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Frisky Danish guitar popsters strike again. ‘Getaway‘ roars terrifically from start to finish.
Copious electricity, booming rhythm section and a striking chorus to go nuts to. Bingo!

ALCABEAN: Facebook

2/ ‘High Above’ by SEASIDE HEIGHTS (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Most notable track from their new 4-track EP ‘Made Up Minds And Bad News‘. Stirring swagger, anthemic spirit and expressive vocals. Top-quality songwriting. Stream EP here.


3/ ‘Too Fast’ by HEY HARRIETT (Adelaide, Australia)
Sunlit pop injection to sing, hum or whistle along. Playful, vivid and sparkling. Invigorating!


4/ ‘Hey!’ by SUMMER MAGIC (South City St. Louis, US)
Summer Magic‘ aka Kevin Bachmann sounds like a 90s psychedelic Britpop version of The Beach Boys on his new single. Addictive jingle jangle riffs and luminous harmonies. Top!


5/ ‘Pants Off’ by THE CREACHIES (Baltimore, Maryland, US)
Highly catchy pop stroke transferring you to state of careless ecstasy. Elevating and frolic!


6/ ‘Omador’ by NORPHLET (Waco, TX, United States)
Multi guitars fueled roller coaster going fast/slow/fast. What you get is tons of electrical energy. Infectious, intense and powerful. From the duo’s self-titled EP. Stream it here.

NORPHLET: Facebook

7/ ‘Nothing Is Enough’ by DELTA WILL (Toronto, Canada)
This relaxing bass driven groove, smoothly colored with twinkling guitars and impassioned vocals all over it, will make you dream away. From their new EP ‘Multitudes I‘ – stream here.

DELTA WILL: Facebook

See/hear you next week, music junkies