CROWS ON WIRES – German Act Mesmerizes With New Haunting Piece ‘NOT UP’

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13 May 2022

Who: Dark-dream-wave project of
German artist Antje Davids-Weis.

Crows on Wires prefer candlelight, enabling listeners to
dive into their spiritual world and to follow their imaginary
trip through light and darkness, through fears and longings.

New single: NOT UP

A song about: “The feeling of going in circles, of treading water.”

Turn Up The Volume: Not Up gets under your skin faster than you can say
‘Putin is a psycho’. Its ongoing drive and repetitive Krautrock-like flow mesmerize
and hypnotize. David-Weis‘ vocal timbre adds a haunting vibe and I can’t get that
rollicking guitar glimmer out of my head. Touchdown.

Don’t feel down, watch/listen here…

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