18 June 2021

5 New Firecrackers To Boost Your Weekend!

‘Lumberjack’ by TYLER, THE CREATOR (California)
Almost 2 million views on YT in just two day. Wow! Our star rapper has a gigantic
and fanatic fan base. His new album Call Me If You Get Lost out next week.

Let’s hop…

‘I Just Can’t Keep Myself From Loving You’ by THE INSTITUTES (Coventry, UK)
These young dogs nail it with a flaming Britpop guitar cracker driven by a fervent flair, melodious magnetism and an anthemic sing-along chorus. They’re definitely mad for it.

Get rollin’ here…

‘Four Years Later’ by NOTHING SPECIAL (Toronto, Canada)
Seems like fab arena punks Green Day have written a roaring ripper for these Toronto rockers. Full steam ahead from start to finish. Screeching guitars, overwhelming rhythm, and a scream along chorus. Bingo!

‘The Angel Of 8th Ave.’ by GANG OF YOUTHS (Australia)
The Australian heroes are back with a massive belter to play out loud on your car
stereo, hair in the wind, pumping a fist in the air when the catchy chorus pops up.

Here we go…

‘Call Me Back’ by THE HIGH LOVES (Toronto, Canada)
This smells like summer spirit. Jingle jangle delirium and pop ravishment. But… call your lover back to fully enjoy – together – this sickly sticky earworm. Right here, right now…

See/hear you next week music junkies…