Sid And Nancy Are Back Disguised As SUZI MOON And BILLY HOPELESS

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4 May 2023

Who: Two genuine rockers getting together
for some sleazy punk havoc.

Suzi Moon, hailed by Vive Le Rock Magazine as the new Queen of punk
first met Billy Hopeless back when her band Civet were touring and
crossed paths with Billy‘s gang The Black Halos. They immediately
hit it off.

Suzi: “I’ve been a fan of Billy Hopeless/The Black Halos since I was sixteen.
Working with him has been on my bucket list for a long, long time. We suffer
the same kinda rock ‘n’ roll affliction that makes us different than other folks.
There’s a mutual respect between us that comes from being frontmen. I greatly
admire his work.”

Billy: “I first met Suzi back when she was in the band Civet. I dug her style
and vice versa, so now years later we’re back together doing it like pros.”


TUTV: Holy smoke. Sid and Nancy are back, and they can really sing
and play now. They decided to get another identity for their fresh start.
They are named now Billy and Suzi and rock their tails off like trash duo
Royal Trux on two new tracks.

Nothing Left To Lose described by Suzi as a gut-wrenching ‘pirate ghost waltz’
about unrequited love is a hot-blooded mid-tempo cry-out, a slow-burning torch
spiced with 60s organ play, and when Billy joins Suzi on vocals all hell breaks loose.

Communicado is a straightforward rawk and roll belter. All burners and all cylinders on
for a vicious slice of helter-skelter punk. Nothing is hopeless, it’s Suzi and Billy time, folks.

Buy both tracks
here on Bandcamp.

SUZI MOON: Facebook – Instagram
BILLY HOPELESS: Facebook – Instagram