Flamboyant Hip-Metal-Hop Duo NOVA TWINS Dropped Sonic Bombs On Brussels

NOVA TWINS – Botanique venue, Brussels – 23 March 2023

Startling urban R&B punk two-piece NOVA TWINS – vocalist/guitarist Amy Love and
bassist Georgia South – from London, entered the scene back in 2014 playing wild gigs
and releasing a series of big bang singles, which featured on their praised debut LP
Who Are The Girls? in 2020.

But it was with last year’s post-pandemic follow-up LP SUPERNOVA that the utterly cool, human battle-axes raised with the speed of a comet to stardom. British newspaper The Guardian named them the loudest, most exciting new rock band in the UK and gave the
LP a 5/5 score.

Sledgehammer single ‘Choose Your Fighter’ from the Supernova LP

Last Thursday they invaded Brussels for a storming 60 minutes of robust hip-metal-pop rowdiness. The rap-punk-crossover-rock roller coaster caused a sauna-like temperature in the venue. Only now and then they interacted with the ecstatic crowd only to make them even more ecstatic with their Rage Against The Machine bombs. That’s why RATM’s guitarist Tom Morello is a big fan. Some time ago he said: “This is an incredible band who deserve to be huge.”

They appeal to young and old and any age in between. I saw 50-plus-year-old people going nuts as well as a couple of +/- 10-year-old girls on the shoulders of their parents having the time of their lives. Hail hail! Nova Twins rule!

“Look daddy, that’s my favorite band.”

As Kerrang put it: “They are no longer the fringe bad bitch
baddies hoping to be heard – they’re ready to be worshipped.”

Here’s an idea of their blustery live energy.

Album SUPERNOVA on Spotify.

NOVA TWINS: Website – Instagram

Photos by Turn Up The Volume