2022 Sensation NOVA TWINS Hit Hard On Sledgehammer ‘CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER’

Works faster and harder than caffeine

15 December 2022

Startling urban punk two-piece NOVA TWINS,
Amy Love & Georgia South made a mighty impression
on fans and critics with their second full length
that landed last June.

If you missed it check out the London‘s sensational
duo with this pinnacle sledgehammer off the album.

Choose Your Fighter, folks…

SUPERNOVA in full.

NOVA TWINS: Website – Instagram

NOVA TWINS – R & B Punk Punchers Go ‘SUPERNOVA’ On New Album

18 June 2022

Who: Outspoken R & B punk duo
Amy Love
and Georgia South from

New album: SUPERNOVA
Follow-up to 2020 debut
Who Are The Girls?.


Kerrang!: “Aptly titled, Supernova sees Nova Twins burning brighter than ever with
their gloriously self-made sound. It’s no surprise that the English duo have supported
fellow trailblazers Bring Me The Horizon and Little Simz during their reign as one of the
UK’s most ingenious new rock bands. Supernova basks in its own raw originality and
kicks any naysayers to the curb with its unforgettable impact.

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Champagne Supernova in the sky is what you get
here. This rap-rusing record resonates like a metallic rap-punk rollercoaster.
R & B with sharp teeth, sharp cry-outs and sharp stories.

They’re the female Ho99o9 to my ears. Don’t mess with these badass twins.
They’ll get in your face with spits and sneers with hard-hiting crossover rock
drones and with industrial NIN punches. Massive score.

Singles/clips: Antagonist / K.M.B. / Cleopatra / Puzzles


– K.M.B. –



Go supernova here…

NOVA TWINS: Website – Instagram

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Knockout Team For JULY 2018 – Eleven Killer Tracks…

Eleven killer tracks on repeat this past month…

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Eleven Killer Tracks played on repeat in JULY!
A crazed cocktail of ace rippers and filthy grooves
activating all my senses and limbs this past month!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout July Team!

1/ ‘Need Some1’ by THE PRODIGY (UK)
A razor-sharp firestarter, a striking steamroller, a sweltering smack, a jigsaw whack!
From the techno punks’ upcoming new album ‘No Tourists‘ out Nov 2. All info here.


2/ ‘Offence-Defence’ by KALLI MA (London UK)
Despite the European heatwave you’ll dance yourself gaga when hearing this swirling electro banger storming out of your boiling speakers. Sickly exhilarating! Hot stuff!

KALLI MA: Facebook

3/ ‘Gyrate’ by BODEGA (New York, NY, US)
Texan misfits Parquet Courts‘ spiritual punk kids turn Talking Heads into a barbed wire funky, nasty-mouthed shout & scream act. From their ace debut LP Endless Scroll.

BODEGA: Facebook

4/ ‘Remind Me’ by DENTIST (Asbury Park, New Jersey, US)
Amplified pop firework with an instant impact on all of your nerves in your uncontrollable body. Exciting, invigorating, and big fun! From the band’s excellent LP ‘Night Swimming.

DENTIST: Facebook

5/ ‘Lose Your Head’ by NOVA TWINS (South East London, UK)
Tempestuous electro beats, fat grooves, metallic guitars, in-your-face vocals and a smashing chorus. Result: a ruthless slam dunk that will pump up your adrenalin’s flow.

NOVA TWINS: Facebook

6/ ‘The Rover’ by INTERPOL (New York, NY, US)
Interpol returns with a speedy ripper about “a distracted hipster who enjoys psychedelics.”

INTERPOL: Facebook

7/ ‘The Sleepwalkers’ by FACTORY SECONDS (London, UK)
Rousing guitars, mesmerizing female/male vocals and a pushing rhythm section turn
this dynamic corker into a sprightly stroke, impossible to resist. Dazzling performance!


8/ ‘Crazy Kids’ by WALTER LURE & THE WALDOS (NYC, U)
Former member of Johnny Thunders‘ 70s Heartbreakers and his gang go totally apeshit on their new killer single. A nasty punk outburst fueled with filthy Sex Pistols riffs. New album ‘Wacka Lacka Boom Bop A Loom Bam Boo‘ out next month. Get your safety-pins ready, folks.


9/ ‘Butterfly’ by THE BLACK DELTA MOVEMENT (Hull, UK)
Ominous, magnetic and intoxicating. Smells like devilish spirit to my ears. This feverish journey goes on like forever. An electrifying and trippy mindfucker with a boiling finale.


10/ ‘Destroyer’ by LALA LALA (London/Chicago)
Its infectious swagger and flamboyant chorus turn this affecting song into a sonic
stand out. Lala Lala launches her new, second album ‘The Lamb‘ on September 28.

LALA LALA: Facebook

11/ ‘Great Divide’ by ACESKULLY (Fort Lauderdale, FL, US)
High-quality songwriting with adventurous pop dynamics and stirring vocals. Top cut
from this duo’s new, colorful ‘You Can Run… You Can’t Hide‘ album – here on Bandcamp.


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See/hear you next week, music junkies

Storming Duo NOVA TWINS Rages On New Slam ‘LOSE YOUR HEAD’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Band: NOVA TWINS (London, UK)

Who: startling female two-piece Amy Love & Georgia South

Track: LOSE YOUR HEAD – brand new single

Score: Far-out tandem Nova Twins rages like a filthy female fusion of Body Count and System Of A Down on their new nasty single. Tempestuous electro beats, fat grooves, metallic guitars, in-your-face vocals and a smashing chorus. Final result: a ruthless,
barbed wire slam dunk. Heavy stuff! Lose your head, mind and senses right here…

NOVA TWINS: Facebook –  Twitter

Available on iTunes