GUIDED BY VOICES – Prolific Ohio Rockers Released Their 3rd LP Of The Year Today With ‘NOWHERE TO GO BUT UP’

24 November 2023

Album artwork

Ohio‘s imperishable rockers GUIDED BY VOICES‘ released their 3rd LP
of 2023. I repeat their 3rd LP of 2023. It’s titled NOWHERE TO GO BUT UP.

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It’s their 39th album in their 40-year career. Unquestionably the hardest-working
band in music’s history. Their only contender are Aussie psych-prog rockers King
Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
with 25 LPs in 13 years. The question of course is how
long KGATLW will be around?

PASTE Music says: Everything just fits, and there are only a few stop-and-start, proggy shifts in tempo that Pollard has enjoyed lately—all of which pay off beautifully here. There is no doubt that these songs will blast off live, as Pollard has never shied away from the spotlight. In a true “not leaving the mound until the last pitch moment,” he almost became sick on-stage singing his guts out, as the band delivered an unheard of 100-song set at a New Year’s Eve show in 2019. And there really is no precedent for a band like Guided By Voices, or an artistic visionary like Robert Pollard. With so many essential entries still being released even after his 40th year of piloting the ship, how could you not trust the man at his word when he gives it to you so plain and simple? Full review here. Score: 9/10.

: The creativity and productivity of maestro Robert Pollard is phenomenal.
I’m sure a day in his Ohio lasts for 48 instead of 24 hours and I’m sure he writes songs
while he sleeps, eats and works out. And it’s not like he produces rubbish. GBV doesn’t make bad albums. Some of them are better than others, of course. But you always get
a rip-and-riff roaring mix of rock/grunge/post-punk entertainment. Just like on this new one.


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