JUNKY LOVE Looks Back At The Wrong Painkillers On New Single ‘NOWHERE TO GO’…

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3 June 2019

London‘s up and coming trio JUNKY LOVE just dropped their fourth, ill-omened single.
‘NOWHERE TO GO’ “is about self medicating and substance abuse. As anxiety and mental health issues reign over our sanity, many of us seek to numb that pain away. A marriage of drugs and alcohol is often the painkiller we fall in love with.”

Nowhere To Go‘ has a foreboding and menacing edge from the very start. Pushed by a doom loaded bass riff this revealing mid-tempo contemplation about medication and substance abuse moves viciously like a mean serpent and has that electrical Black Rebel Motorcycle Club guitar intensity when the blustery chorus kicks in. “I never wanna fall in
love with the devil again
” promises singer/bassist Axel Loughrey at one point, but you
get the bizarre feeling that the evil temptation is still lurking around the corner. The
overall ominous and enmeshing tension accentuates the confused state of mind that’s
in play here. Catch the entangled fever below…

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