NRVS – British Trio Claims We Are All ‘SCUM’ And Visualize It With A Mental Video Clip

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30 April 2022

Band: NRVS
Who: Mysterious trio with an inimitable take on
humanity’s downward spiral into a dysfunctional
entropic existence!

New single: SCUM
From their upcoming EP

NRVS: “So what about Scum? We’re all scum. We’re the future of the human race and we’re fucked, as Extinction Rebellion used to say when they were cool – and we love it, or at least we seem to! Us lot just happen to be feeling it at the moment cos we happen to be alive now, so we’re the toppest layer of the pond… scum, get it?”

Turn Up The Volume: Your body temperature rises the moment this wild-and-woolly midtempo whopper invades your greedy ears. NRVS kick ass with their king-sized wall-of-electrically-powered sound.

Oil your pipes ’cause when the wicked chorus pops up it’s scream-yell-bellow
along time. I can go berserk any day of the week to this kind of blistering belters.

(Btw, this mysterious trio looks a bit like the animated Gorillaz figures).

One more thing, people. Look around, scumbags have taken over the world.
Fuck Putin! Fuck Boris! Fuck Trump! Fuck all intolerant dirtbags!

The video clip is mental…

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