SQUID – Bold Artistic Triumph For Brighton’s Post-Punk Squad With Their 2ndnd Album ‘O MONOLITH’

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Hit squad SQUID from Brighton (sometimes I wonder if there are any people
in this seaside town who are NOT in a band) shared their 2nd full-length, named
O MONOLITH with the world. It follows their brutal 2021 debut Bright Green Field.

Press info: “Teeming with melodic epiphanies and layered sounds, Squid’s second album
O Monolith is a musical evocation of environment, domesticity and self-made folklore. Like its predecessor, 2021’s critically acclaimed, UK number 4 album Bright Green Field, it is dense and tricksy – but also more warm and characterful, with a meandering, questioning nature.

Expansive, evocative and hugely varied, O Monolith retains Squid’s restless, enigmatic
spirit, but it still holds surprises for those familiar with Bright Green Field. It’s a reflection of the outsized progression of a band always looking to the future. Like its namesake,
O Monolith is vast and strange; alive with endless possible interpretations of its inner mysteries.”

NME says: “A monument to daring artistic growth… Their hungry curiosity, combined
with a desire to push their own boundaries, comes to fruition on ‘O Monolith’ to create
an album that is ripe for discovery across multiple listens.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Full NME interview here

TUTV: One thing is clear. Despite the overall critical praise and commercial success
of their debut Bright Green Field album, Squid didn’t want to play safe and copy/paste it. Mind you, the tense dynamics, sinewy gusto and emotional turmoil are still present, but
they explored other sound textures with a different musical mindset.

Final result: a more balanced record, a more euphonious approach without losing their
natural soul-and-spirit authenticity. As they say “It was a little bit in the direction of less
drone, more melody.”
A bold, artistic triumph.

Singles/clips: The Blades / Bright Green Field / Swing (In A Dream)




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Waking Up With New Bloodcurdling SQUID Single ‘UDERGROWTH’

Daily noise that works faster and harder than any stimulant

19 April 2023

(promo 📸 by Studio UJ)

Brighton‘s hit team SQUID launch their 2nd full length,
called O MONOLITH on 9 June. More info here.

Ahead of it comes new piece UNDERGROWTH
following lead single Swing (In A Dream).

Ollie Judge (drummer/vocalist): ‘Undergrowth’ was written from the perspective of
me being reincarnated as a bedside table in the afterlife, and how the thought of being reincarnated as an inanimate object would be dreadful. ‘This isn’t what I wanted/ So many options to be disappointed.’ Even though I’m in no way religious I don’t think anyone who
isn’t religious is confident enough to not have had the fleeting thought of ‘Fuck, what if
there is it an afterlife? What if I’m going to Hell?’”

Undergrowth moves like a snake in slow motion, anytime ready to attack.
Goosebumps tension all the way with Judge’s menacing vocals, flipped-out
guitars, and synths sounding like horns and vice versa, keeping you at the
front of your seat for 6.35 minutes.

Be ready.

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