JONNY PIERCE/THE DRUMS Share 4th Track From New Upcoming LP – Here’s The Optimistic Pop Tune ‘OBVIOUS’

New striking strokes

9 June 2023

(Press photo)

Back in 2008 NYC-based indie pop act THE DRUMS started as a proper band
founded by its orchestrator Jonny Pierce. Together they canned/released
3 notable albums.

In 2017 Pierce decided to go his own way and fabricated 2 longplayers
as The Drums & Jonny Pierce since then. Now, 6 years after the last one
he’s back and ready for a new LP, no details so far.

On the other hand, he just shared the 4th taster,
named OBVIOUS, off the new upcoming full-length.

Pierce: “Unwavering love has shown itself to be stronger than any of my fears and self-protections. “Obvious” is a joyous song about that transformative moment, of finally lifting
up my head, opening my eyes, and finding steadfast love surrounding me from all angles.
It’s about the realization that I’ve been loved all along, but I am just now feeling safe enough
to let myself see it.”

Vintage The Drums. Featherlight, frolicsome and dancy.

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