Up And Coming Britpop Outfit OCEAN FLAWS Scores Solid Gold Touch Down

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

22 March 2021

Who: Up and coming 4-piece from Essex, UK

Pick: TOUCHING DOWN – brand new single

Score: What do you need to make stand-out pop-ular guitar music?
The indispensable key element is a tantalizing tune you can sing along,
hum along, tap along and whistle along.

You won’t get the listener’s attention with a never-ending free jazz trip.
Once you have an irresistible tune you dress it up with radiant synths, a
steady beat, jangly guitars, easy-going vocals and most of all a mood-boosting
feel-very-good chorus. Touching Down is a first-class example. A stimulating shot
of punchy pop. Bingo!

Press play and elevate yourself…

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